Elex 2: The Responsibilities of an Overseer

This page of the Elex 2 guide contains a walkthrough of the Morkon quest called The Responsibilities of an Overseer. Our tips will aid you in making decisions regarding the gatekeeper, Tavar slaves, or traders.

The Responsibilities of an Overseer is the initial quest for the Morkon faction. You will receive it from Bahadur shortly after joining the Morkons. You must replace the Khan and resolve a few issues in the Grotto. On this page of the Elex 2 guide, you will learn about the repercussions of your choices during this quest. You will discover who is the finest gatekeeper candidate, what to do with the Tavar slaves, and how to resolve the issue with traders.

  • Mordrag’s Trial
  • Gatekeeper – Dimitr or Marat?
  • Tavar slaves – what to do with them?
  • The traders issue
  • Option 1 – siding with the traders
  • Option 2 – siding with Kojla
  • Tunnel inspection – after sending the slaves to work
  • Tunnel inspection – after killing or releasing the slaves
  • Fighting Mordrag

Mordrag’s Trial

After receiving the quest and leaving the temple, Mordrag will stop you. Follow him into the hall and then remove all of your armor. Speak with Mordrag again to begin the Trial of Pain. You must endure his attacks and not retaliate until your health reaches zero.

Gatekeeper – Dimitr or Marat?

Now visit the Voice of Jax – this character was known as the Voice of Khan before, and you already know them from the Morkon Values quest. It turns out there can only be one gatekeeper, forcing you to choose between Dimitr and Marat. This selection only impacts the Destruction level. If you want to lower the Destruction level, choose Dimitr. Otherwise, select Marat.

Dimitr is aligned with Kriiton while Marat is aligned with Raavac. However, it doesn’t matter which one you choose to be the Gatekeeper. Only during the next Morkon quest will you have to make the ultimate decision on who to align with.

Tavar slaves – what to do with them?

There is another issue you must resolve regarding the captured Berserkers. This decision has an impact on how the tunnel inspection you will have to perform later in this mission will proceed.

  1. Free the slaves – the Destruction level will decrease, but you will need to persuade Ruben to return to work during the inspection.
  2. Send the slaves to work – the Destruction level will decrease, and Ruben will approve of Jax’s decision. However, this will cause the tunnel to collapse, and you will have to battle Rotboars.
  3. Kill the slaves – the Destruction level will increase, but, like if you freed the slaves, you will need to persuade Ruben to return to work.

The traders issue

After deciding what to do about the slaves, you will have to resolve the traders’ problem in the trading post near the Grotto. Go there – the exact location will be marked on your map.

Talk to Kojla, then to Danka. You now know the situation, allowing you to choose whether to side with the traders or with Kojla.

Option 1 – Supporting the Traders

If your intention is to help the traders, inform Danka and proceed to see Kojla. Your goal is to make Kojla leave the trading post. You can accomplish this by selecting a dialogue option that requires at least 30 Intelligence or by defeating Kojla in a fight.

Regardless of your choice, return to Danka and speak to a trader named Nova – she can be found in a cage on the left side of Danka. Nova will request that you recover their chests containing goods. Head to the location marked on the map, eliminate the Rotboars and retrieve the chests.

Once you have recovered the goods, speak to Nova again. Your next task is to take the traders to the Grotto. The traders will accompany you and aid you in combat if necessary, so travel back to the Grotto – specifically, to the Voice of Jax.

Option 2 – Supporting Kojla

If you choose to side with Kojla, inform Danka that the traders must be eliminated. Next, speak with Kojla – you can either kill the traders yourself or instruct Kojla to do so. Regardless of your decision, return to the Voice of Jax and inform him of your choice.

Tunnel Inspection – After Sending the Slaves to Work

If you opted to send the slaves to work, Ruben will express his gratitude and inspect the tunnel with you. During your conversation, a loud noise will be heard from the lower part of the tunnel.

You will discover that some Rotboars detected the Mana gathered by the slaves, causing the tunnel to collapse and resulting in the death of the Berserkers. Defeat the creatures, search the slaves’ remains, and return to the Voice of Jax.

Tunnel Inspection – After Killing or Freeing the Slaves

If you chose to kill or release the slaves, Ruben and the remaining miners will refuse to work for you. To persuade Ruben to work, you must either offer him a bribe of 250 Elexit crystals or defeat him in combat. Once again, return to the Voice of Jax after completing this task.

Fighting Mordrag

You will inevitably have to fight Mordrag. Even if you followed all of Ravaac’s rules, Mordrag will still oppose you. However, his dialogue will differ depending on your choices. If you selected Marat as the Gatekeeper and killed both the slaves and traders, Mordrag will accuse Jax of spying for the Albs. If you chose Dimitr, spared the slaves, and aided the traders, Mordrag will disagree with the decisions you made.

This leads to the final stage of the “Duties of an Overseer” quest in Elex 2 – the Voice of Jax will instruct you to speak with Bahadur. However, Mordrag will interrupt your discussion with him. You will eventually realize that fighting him is the only way to resolve this conflict. Mordrag is a formidable foe, so be well-prepared for the battle. You can use an elevated position behind the temple and shoot him from there. After defeating Mordrag, speak to Bahadur. If your character is at least level 20, you will be promoted to the Vandal rank, thus concluding the quest.


1. What is Elex 2 and what is an Overseer?

Elex 2 is a role-playing video game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. The game features different factions and characters with their own unique abilities and storylines. An Overseer is a leader of a faction who is responsible for managing the resources and making important decisions that affect the faction’s survival.

2. What are the duties of an Overseer in Elex 2?

The duties of an Overseer in Elex 2 include managing the faction’s resources, making important decisions that affect the faction’s survival, recruiting new members, and upgrading the faction’s facilities. Additionally, Overseers are responsible for maintaining good relations with other factions and negotiating alliances or trade agreements.

3. How do you become an Overseer in Elex 2?

To become an Overseer in Elex 2, you must first join a faction and complete quests that increase your reputation with the faction. Once your reputation is high enough, you will be able to speak with the faction’s leader and express your interest in becoming an Overseer. The leader will then give you a series of tasks to complete, which will test your leadership skills and decision-making abilities. If you successfully complete these tasks, you will be appointed as the new Overseer.

4. What are the consequences of making bad decisions as an Overseer in Elex 2?

Making bad decisions as an Overseer in Elex 2 can have serious consequences for your faction. For example, if you mismanage the faction’s resources, your members may become sick or hungry, which could lead to a decrease in morale and productivity. Additionally, if you make enemies with other factions or break alliances, your faction may become isolated and vulnerable to attack. It is important to carefully consider the consequences of your decisions and make choices that will benefit your faction in the long run.

5. Can you switch factions or become an Overseer of multiple factions in Elex 2?

Yes, you can switch factions in Elex 2 by completing quests that increase your reputation with a new faction. However, becoming an Overseer of multiple factions is not possible, as this would create conflicts of interest and make it difficult to manage the resources and relationships of both factions effectively.

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