Mercer Safehouse

How to unlock: Speak with the PAM robot located in the Railroad HQ (M6,2).

Image of the PAM robot in the Railroad HQ

During this mission, you will be required to visit the Red Rocket Trucker Shop located near Sanctuary. Your task will be to prepare the defenses of the area by constructing a defense with 10 defense points. The simplest way to do this is by building two basic cannons, using the materials available at the station.

Image of materials that can be collected by removing decorative objects at the station

Note that until you have settlers in any village, building a wooden outpost will not add any defense points. Someone must be able to use it. Other defense elements, except for simple cannons, require electricity. Therefore, make sure that you have enough materials. Interestingly, after completing the mission objective, you can pick up the turrets (without destroying them) and place them in any other settlement you want to improve.

Image of two crafted turrets that can be picked up

After constructing the required upgrades, return to the questgiver. The Caretaker will appear there, and you can receive other minor quests from him.

Quest rewards include experience, 200 bottlecaps, and the Jackpot: Medford Memorial Hospital quest.


What is Mercer Safehouse?

Mercer Safehouse is a location in the popular video game Fallout 4. It is a safehouse for the Railroad, a faction dedicated to helping synths, or synthetic humans, escape from their creators. Players can unlock Mercer Safehouse by completing a quest for the Railroad. Once unlocked, the player can use it as a base to rest, store items, and access Railroad missions.

How do I unlock Mercer Safehouse?

To unlock Mercer Safehouse, players must complete a quest for the Railroad called “Tradecraft.” The quest involves infiltrating a Raider stronghold and retrieving a prototype device for the Railroad. Once the quest is completed, players will receive a message from the Railroad informing them of the safehouse’s location. Players can then travel to the location and unlock it as a fast travel point.

What are the benefits of having Mercer Safehouse?

Having Mercer Safehouse as a base provides several benefits for players. It can be used as a safe place to rest and heal, as well as a location to store items and access Railroad missions. Additionally, completing the “Tradecraft” quest and unlocking Mercer Safehouse will increase the player’s reputation with the Railroad faction. This can lead to additional quests, rewards, and access to unique items and equipment.

Can Mercer Safehouse be upgraded?

While Mercer Safehouse cannot be upgraded in the traditional sense, players can make improvements to the location by completing Railroad missions. As the player completes more missions for the faction, they will gain access to new resources and technology that can be used to improve the safehouse’s defenses and amenities. Additionally, the player can choose to recruit new members to the Railroad, which will increase the faction’s strength and influence in the Commonwealth.

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