How to unlock: This quest will be unlocked automatically after completing the Mercer Safehouse mission in Old North Church (M6,2).

You will face a tough battle, so make sure to equip yourself with the best possible gear.

This quest will be assigned to you by the PAM robot at the Railroad HQ. Your mission is to secure a secret stash located in the Medford Memorial Hospital. Inside the hospital, you will encounter a large number of Super Mutants on a medium difficulty level.

You don’t need to engage in combat with every enemy. Simply make your way to the top floor and locate the hidden stash. It’s concealed behind a wall, which will reveal a hidden warehouse once you get close to it. The warehouse mostly contains large amounts of ammunition, so take what you need and proceed to the new objective. Return to PAM when you’re done.

Quest rewards: Experience points, 300 bottlecaps, and a Covert Sweater Vest.


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