Removing Variables

To unlock this quest, start the Underground Undercover quest and talk to PAM at Railroad HQ (M6,2).

During this mission, your objective is to eliminate Coursers – identical in appearance.

Once you progress in the main story and receive the Underground Undercover quest, you will be notified of this mission by the Drummer Boy. To continue, periodically check in with the robot. The mission is repeatable and requires you to go to a selected location and eliminate the Coursers found there. Coursers are highly resistant to gunfire, but less resistant to energy weapons. They are immune to poison and radiation, and their limbs are not easily removed. After defeating them, you will be instructed to return to base and report to PAM. The number of locations is limited and will eventually repeat.

Mission rewards include 100-300 bottlecaps and occasionally a random piece of armor.


1. What is Variable Removal?

Variable Removal is a process of deleting unused variables from the code. This can be done to improve the performance of the code and reduce the memory usage. Unused variables take up memory space and processing time, which can slow down the code execution. By removing them, the code becomes more efficient and faster.

2. How to identify unused variables?

Unused variables can be identified by analyzing the code and finding variables that are declared but never used in the code. This can be done manually or by using tools that can scan the code and identify unused variables. It is important to note that some variables may not be used in the current version of the code, but may be used in future versions, so it is important to review the code carefully before removing any variables.

3. What are the benefits of Variable Removal?

The benefits of Variable Removal are improved code performance and reduced memory usage. Removing unused variables can speed up the code execution and free up memory space. This can lead to faster application response times and better overall performance. Additionally, removing unused variables can make the code easier to read and maintain, as it reduces clutter and improves code clarity.

4. Are there any risks associated with Variable Removal?

There are some risks associated with Variable Removal, such as accidentally removing variables that are actually used in the code, which can cause errors and bugs. Additionally, removing variables without understanding their purpose can lead to unintended consequences and unexpected behavior. It is important to review the code carefully and test the application thoroughly after removing any variables to ensure that the code is still functioning correctly.

5. How often should Variable Removal be performed?

Variable Removal should be performed regularly, as part of the code maintenance process. It is important to review the code periodically and identify any unused variables that can be removed. This can help to keep the code efficient and reduce the risk of errors and bugs. However, it is important to be cautious when removing variables and to review the code carefully to ensure that no important functionality is affected.

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