Emergent Behavior – Curie

How to start: You need to build a good relationship with Curie and then offer to help her.

Quest objectives:

  • Take Curie to Doctor Amari
  • Wait for Doctor Amari
  • Talk to the Caretaker
  • Observe the transfer procedure
  • Speak to Curie

Agree to help Curie find the holotapes

Once you have Curie as a companion, travel with her and perform actions that she approves of. Eventually, Curie will ask for your help to obtain a human form. Offer to help her find a specialist who can carry out her plan.

Take Curie to Doctor Amari

Ask Doctor Amari for help

Take Curie to see Doctor Amari, who you met during the Dangerous Minds main quest. She can be found in the basement of the Memory Den in Goodneighbor. During the conversation, you will learn that the procedure is possible and that the Caretaker of dead synths can help. Doctor Amari needs at least one full day to make contact with the Caretaker and prepare for the procedure. If you don’t want to wait, use a bed to speed up the time. Use a bed that doesn’t belong to anyone else or rent a room, such as at the Rexford Hotel.

Observe the Transfer Procedure

Watch the procedure

When you return to Doctor Amari’s office, talk to the Caretaker. You don’t need to do anything else but observe the procedure, during which Curie’s conscience will be transferred from the robot to the body of a dead synth. Talk to your “new” companion and decide whether to continue traveling with her or dismiss her.

Quest rewards: Experience points, Curie gets a new look (later in the game, you can start a romance with her).


What is Emergent Behavior?

Emergent behavior is when a group of individuals, each following their own rules, create a collective behavior that was not planned or designed by any single individual. This can be seen in many different systems, from flocks of birds to the movement of traffic. Emergent behavior is often unpredictable and can be difficult to model or explain, but it is a fascinating area of research for scientists and engineers.

How does Curie relate to Emergent Behavior?

Curie is a programming language designed specifically for creating simulations of emergent behavior. It is named after the renowned scientist Marie Curie, who is famous for her work in radioactivity and the study of atoms. Curie allows users to create complex simulations of systems with many interacting parts, such as swarms of robots or crowds of people. By using Curie, scientists and engineers can better understand how emergent behavior emerges from simple rules, and can use this knowledge to design better systems and technologies.

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