Hole in the Wall

How to unlock: Finish the Here Kitty, Kitty quest (M6,3).

Begin the quest at the healing facility where you will encounter a quarrel between the inhabitants. Follow Bobby to the hidden location in the vault, which is a lineal road that leads to the end. On the first floor, you will be attacked by cannons and a Protectron robot. You can collect tools for Calvin from the vault, who will pay you well for them.

On the next level, fight off the Mole Rats, some of which will be in the “improved version”. Just behind the stairs, you will find a terminal that opens the closed door on the right side. No need to hack it, as the room with a tape is at the end of the corridor. Put the tape in the door terminal to enter inside.

Curie the robot will be guarding the entrance to the room, but you can talk to her through the glass and say that you’re part of the Vault-Tec crew to open the door. The cure which you are looking for will be given to you by the robot. In the room, you will find a Vault-Tec medicine bobblehead on the desk. Leave the room and ride up the elevator to give the cure, and the quest will end.

Quest rewards include a large number of experience points, the trust of the vault, your own room in the crypt, Short Syringer Rifle, companion – Curie the robot, Dependency quest.


1. What is Hole in the Wall?

Hole in the Wall is a popular television game show that originated in Japan and has since been adapted in various countries around the world. The show features contestants who must contort their bodies to fit through oddly-shaped holes in a moving wall, all while trying to avoid being knocked into a pool of water. The game requires both physical agility and quick thinking, as contestants only have a few seconds to make it through each wall. The show is known for its entertaining commentary and dramatic slow-motion replays of contestants’ attempts.

2. How did Hole in the Wall become popular?

Hole in the Wall gained popularity due to its unique concept and entertaining gameplay. The show’s format is simple yet challenging, and it appeals to audiences of all ages. The show’s catchy theme song and colorful visuals also add to its appeal. Additionally, the show has been adapted in various countries, with each version featuring its own unique twists and local celebrities. Hole in the Wall has become a cultural phenomenon and has been referenced in popular media such as movies, TV shows, and video games.

3. How do the contestants prepare for Hole in the Wall?

Contestants on Hole in the Wall must be physically fit and flexible in order to navigate the walls. Many contestants prepare for the show by practicing yoga or other types of stretching exercises. Some also practice their timing and agility by playing similar games or by practicing their reaction time. It’s important for contestants to be quick on their feet and to stay focused, as even a small mistake can result in being knocked into the water. Contestants also have the option of wearing protective gear such as helmets and knee pads, although this is not required.

4. What are some of the challenges of filming Hole in the Wall?

Filming Hole in the Wall can be challenging due to the fast-paced nature of the game. The walls move quickly and the contestants must make split-second decisions in order to avoid falling into the water. Additionally, the pool of water can be a hazard for the cameras and crew, as water can damage equipment and pose a safety risk. The show’s producers must also ensure that the walls are safe and sturdy, as the contestants often collide with them at high speeds. Despite these challenges, the show’s production team works hard to ensure that the game runs smoothly and that the contestants are safe.

5. Can anyone audition for Hole in the Wall?

Most versions of Hole in the Wall have open auditions for contestants. However, there are usually certain requirements that contestants must meet in order to be eligible. These requirements may include age restrictions, physical fitness criteria, or even specific personality traits. It’s important for contestants to read the audition guidelines carefully and to prepare accordingly. Many versions of the show also allow contestants to apply online or through a casting agency. Ultimately, the producers are looking for contestants who are energetic, enthusiastic, and willing to give it their all in the game.

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