Eliminate Zeller and Rescue the Survivors

How to Unlock: Speak with Kessler in Bunker Hill (M5,25), after finishing Deb’s task of clearing the area of ghouls

You can find Kessler walking around Bunker Hill or taking care of the gardens.

It is advisable to complete this mission before the Battle of Bunker Hill.

First, talk to Deb and complete her mission. Once done, Kessler will give you hers. If you have high Charisma, you can also receive 2x Med-X, 2x Stimpak, and some 5mm ammo upon accepting the task.

The East Boston Preparatory School

Go to East Boston Preparatory School to the East. Inside, you will face a dozen or so gunners at each level. You need to reach the top floor where you will find Zeller. He is not much stronger than the rest of the enemies.

The keyring accelerates the process of freeing the captives.

After eliminating all the enemies, free the three prisoners. You can do this by lockpicking the cells’ doors (Easy) or using the keyring you found on the desk with the terminal. Eventually, leave the building and return to Kessler.

Rewards for completing the mission: Experience points, 400 caps, an option to establish Trade Caravan Posts in settlements- this allows caravans to come to towns where you can trade with them.


What is “Kill Zeller and free the remnants”?

“Kill Zeller and free the remnants” is a phrase that originated from the video game “Dead Space”. In the game, the protagonist Isaac Clarke must stop a dangerous cult called Unitology from unleashing a deadly alien threat known as the Necromorphs. One of the main goals of the cult is to capture Isaac’s love interest, Ellie Langford, and use her as a vessel to revive their leader, Michael Altman. The phrase “Kill Zeller and free the remnants” refers to the mission Isaac undertakes to rescue Ellie and prevent the cult from achieving their sinister plan. The phrase has become popular among fans of the game and is often used as a slogan or catchphrase.

Why is “Kill Zeller and free the remnants” significant to Dead Space fans?

“Kill Zeller and free the remnants” is significant to Dead Space fans because it represents the game’s themes of survival and resistance against a powerful and oppressive force. The phrase encapsulates Isaac’s journey from a vulnerable engineer to a hardened warrior who is willing to risk everything to save the people he loves and stop the cult’s nefarious plans. The phrase has also become a symbol of unity among the Dead Space fan community and is often used to express solidarity and support for the game and its legacy. Overall, “Kill Zeller and free the remnants” is a powerful and memorable phrase that captures the essence of Dead Space and its impact on gaming culture.

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