Kid in a Fridge (University Point)

How to unlock: Free Billy from the fridge located by the road Southward of University Point (M9,9)

Quest objectives:

  1. Talk to Billy
  2. Take Billy home
  3. Optional: Sell Billy to Bullet
  4. Leave or ambush Bullet
  5. Talk to Matt Peabody

Locating Billy

Billy’s location

When walking past an old fridge by the roadside South of University Point or East of Jamaican Plain, you will hear a voice. Approach the fridge and shoot the lock to release Billy, a small ghoul. He requests your help to find his way home and will follow you. There are two ways to complete this quest, each with two minor solutions…

Meeting Bullet

You will most likely encounter Bullet under the highway as you follow the road.

The “good” solution is to return Billy to his parents. As you head towards Peabody House, you will meet mercenary Bullet who will offer to buy the kid from you. If you refuse his offer (he offers 200-350 caps [after haggling]), he will not attack you. However, if you do not kill him, he will assault you after you reach the house. Killing him will not yield any money. Selling the boy will automatically end the quest.

Returning Billy to his parents

You can let Bullet and his men into the house and attack them.

If you decide to go to Billy’s parents without meeting Bullet or refuse his offer, he will assault the ghouls after Billy talks to his parents. You can then choose to:

  1. Fight (attempted sale of ghouls/protection),
  2. Find Bullet (requires high level of Charisma),
  3. Give the ghouls to Bullet (you will have to walk away around 200m for the quest to end),
  4. Prepare an ambush.

Tricking Bullet aside, fighting with gunners is the only way to make a profit. It is best to set an ambush – tell the mercenary he can take the ghouls, then attack him and his three gunners when they approach the house (or plant a mine at the entrance).

Rewards for completing the quest: Experience points, 250 caps from Billy’s father, or 200-350 caps from Bullet.

Alternative Solution

Sell Billy to Bullet after freeing him. This will end the quest, but you can kill Bullet later and retake the quest, returning Billy to his parents. This is the most profitable solution.

Rewards for completing the quest: Experience points, 200-350 caps from Bullet, 500 caps from Billy’s father.


What is Kid in a Fridge (University Point)?

Kid in a Fridge is a side quest in Fallout 4 that takes place in the town of University Point. The quest involves finding a child who has been trapped in a refrigerator for over 200 years. The child, named Billy, was playing hide-and-seek when the bombs fell and his parents locked him in the fridge for safety. The player character must find a way to free Billy and help him adjust to the post-apocalyptic world.

How do you start the Kid in a Fridge quest?

You can start the Kid in a Fridge quest by talking to a man named Nick Valentine in Diamond City. He will tell you that a woman named Erin has been looking for someone to help find her missing brother. Erin can be found in the town of University Point, which is located to the southeast of Diamond City. When you arrive in University Point, you will discover that the town has been overrun by raiders and super mutants, making it a dangerous place to explore.

What are the rewards for completing the Kid in a Fridge quest?

The main reward for completing the Kid in a Fridge quest is the satisfaction of rescuing a trapped child and reuniting him with his family. You will also receive experience points and caps as a reward. In addition, you can gain access to a unique weapon called the Cryolator, which can freeze enemies in their tracks. To get the Cryolator, you need to have the Master Lockpicking perk and open a locked case in the basement of a nearby building. The Cryolator is a powerful weapon that can be used to take down even the toughest foes.

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