Pillars of the Community (Charles View Amphitheater)

How to start: Speak with Brother James in Charles View Amphitheater (M6,10)

Charles View Amphitheater, a settlement run by a cult

This is not a traditional quest as it does not appear in your journal, but it is still worth mentioning. Brother James can be found in Charles View Amphitheater and will try to recruit you into the Pillars of the Society. If you agree, he will take you to his office and ask for all of your belongings. If you refuse, you will be attacked by the entire cult, but with a high Charisma level, you may be able to talk your way out of it. If you do agree and give up your belongings, Brother James will chase you out and leave you defenseless.

There is nothing of value to loot in the area, but you may find a few watches and golden lighters. After you complete the quest Emogene Takes a Lover, the cultists will reappear.

Rewards: None


What is Pillars of the Community?

Pillars of the Community is a series of public art installations that were created by artists Helene Fried and Barry Hoggard. The installations are located at the Charles View Amphitheater in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

What does the installation consist of?

The installation consists of eight pillars that are made of steel and concrete. Each pillar is adorned with glass panels that were created using a process called fusing. The glass panels contain images and text that were inspired by the community and its history.

Why was the installation created?

The installation was created as a way to celebrate the community and its history. The artists wanted to create something that would be visually striking and that would also serve as a testament to the community’s strength and resilience.

What can visitors expect when they visit the Charles View Amphitheater?

Visitors can expect to see the Pillars of the Community installations up close and to learn more about the community that inspired them. The Charles View Amphitheater is also a popular spot for outdoor performances and events, so visitors may also be able to catch a show while they’re there.

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