Curing Virgil in Rocky Cave

How to unlock: After meeting with Virgil in Rocky Cave (M8,1) during The Glowing Sea quest.


Although this quest doesn’t appear in your journal, it’s still important to complete. During The Glowing Sea quest, you’ll meet scientist Virgil. He’s located in Rocky Cave, and you’ll need to speak with him to learn how to enter the Institute. During your conversation, Virgil will ask you to find a cure for his unwanted body mutations.

You can begin searching for the cure after progressing to Institutionalized, where you meet Father in the Institute. During the meeting, state that you want to work for the Institute to move freely around the location.

Once inside the Institute, locate the door to the Bioscience department. From there, you’ll find a blocked door to the FEV Lab. Use the terminal to hack in and enter the main room. The Experimental Serum is in a small container on the desk, as shown in the screenshots above.

Note – If you’ve started A House Divided side quest, you can access the FEV Lab through an alternative route opened by Newton Oberly. However, you’ll need to destroy all robots and turrets along the way.

The cured Virgil

Return to Rocky Cave and give Virgil the serum. Wait for a week (using the bed several times) and meet him again. The cure will be successful, and Virgil will return to his previous form. You’ll now have access to Virgil’s lab and can take anything you need from it.

Reward: Full access to Virgil’s lab

Note – During your last conversation with Virgil, you can use Charisma to lie and tell him you were unable to find the cure in the Institute for an alternative ending.


What is the Cure for Virgil in Rocky Cave?

The Cure for Virgil is a quest item in the video game Fallout: New Vegas. It is used to cure the character Virgil of his super mutant mutation. The item is found in Rocky Cave, located in the northern part of the map. To obtain the cure, the player must first find the research notes on the FEV virus in the Institute in order to create a serum. The serum can then be used on Virgil to revert him back to his human form.

How do you get to Rocky Cave in Fallout: New Vegas?

Rocky Cave is located in the northern part of the game map, near Jacobstown. To get there, the player must travel north from the town of Novac, then turn left at the fork in the road. The cave is located on the left side of the road, just past a small lake. It is guarded by a few super mutants, so the player should be prepared for a fight. Once inside the cave, the player can find the Cure for Virgil by following the linear path until they reach a dead end with a terminal. The research notes can be downloaded from the terminal to create the serum.

Can the Cure for Virgil be used on other characters in Fallout: New Vegas?

No, the Cure for Virgil is specifically designed to cure the character Virgil of his super mutant mutation. It cannot be used on any other characters in the game. However, there are other ways to cure characters of their mutations, such as using a doctor’s bag or visiting a doctor. These methods are not guaranteed to work and may only partially cure the character, depending on the severity of their mutation. It is important to note that mutations can sometimes have beneficial effects, such as increased strength or endurance, so curing a character may not always be the best option.

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