Exploring Vault 111

Vault 111 Map

Upon awakening, you will find yourself in Vault 111. This is the first location you will explore in the game and it is located on the northwestern edge of the map. The only enemies you will face here are weak radroaches. Take your time exploring the complex and collect all valuable items. Read their descriptions and learn how to use them.

1. You will wake up in one of two rooms with cryochambers. They don’t contain anything interesting.

2. There is a computer in the room that lets you play a Fallout-themed version of Donkey Kong.

3. On the table, you will find a gun and some ammunition. This will come in handy at the beginning of the game.

Ask your dog to help you find the weapon on the table.

4. There is a master level lock securing a container. Inside, you will find the Cryolator, a powerful weapon in the early stages of the game. You can retrieve the item by bringing your dog and ordering it to search for valuable items. The dog will fetch the rifle without needing to open the container.

5. There is a button that will open the vault door. Don’t forget to search the area outside the vault before leaving. You will find ammunition in a few trailers.


1. What is Vault 111?

Vault 111 is a fictional vault in the popular video game “Fallout 4”. It is one of the many underground shelters constructed by the Vault-Tec Corporation in the aftermath of a nuclear war, designed to protect a select group of people from the effects of radiation and other dangers of the post-apocalyptic world.

2. What is the story behind Vault 111?

The story of Vault 111 in “Fallout 4” is that it was a social experiment conducted by Vault-Tec. The residents were cryogenically frozen in pods as soon as they entered the vault, with the intention of keeping them in suspended animation for a short period of time. However, due to unknown circumstances, the protagonist wakes up 200 years later to find the vault in ruins and the world outside drastically changed.

3. What kind of loot can be found in Vault 111?

In “Fallout 4”, Vault 111 is filled with various items and loot that can be scavenged by the player. Some of the notable items include ammunition, weapons, and armor. Additionally, the player can find various documents and notes that provide insight into the story behind the vault and the people who lived there.

4. Can Vault 111 be revisited in “Fallout 4”?

Yes, Vault 111 can be revisited in “Fallout 4” after the initial quest is completed. However, the player cannot return to the cryogenic pod room where they first woke up. Instead, they can explore other areas of the vault that were previously inaccessible.

5. Is Vault 111 connected to other vaults in the “Fallout” universe?

There is no direct connection between Vault 111 and any other vaults in the “Fallout” universe. However, the game does make references to other vaults and their experiments, suggesting that Vault 111 is just one of many similar facilities scattered throughout the wasteland.

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