Center of Boston – Sector 6 Map

Main Locations in Fallout 4 – Sector 6: Center of Boston

Locations on the Map

1 – Beantown Brewery: The brewery is a large building located by the water. A group of raiders is inside. There is a vast amount of beer and Picket Fences magazine available here.

2 – Oberland Station: There are a few friendly settlers present here. You can assist them as part of a side quest given by Preston Garvey in Sanctuary (Raider Troubles at Oberland Station). Completing this quest will cause them to join the Minutemen.

3 – Relay Tower 1DL-109: You can activate this tower, which will provide access to several new radio signals.

4 – Vault 81: This inhabited vault contains a few quests. Traders, a barber, and two magazines/comics can also be found here. Once you complete the quests, you’ll be given a room in the vault. In the Hole in the Wall quest, you can acquire a new companion – Curie, the robot – and a medic bobblehead.

5 – Westing Estate: This flooded area is home to several mirelurks. You can find the Unstoppables magazine here, among other items. You will need items from this location to complete the “Out in Left Field” side quest.

6 – Coast Guard Pier: This area consists of a building, several trailers, and the river’s bank, all of which are occupied by super mutants (including a suicide mutant). On the lower level of the building, you will find a closed cell (expert level). You can open it using the terminal. Inside, you will find the Astoundingly Awesome Tales magazine. Near it, there is a room full of ammunition and other supplies, as well as two safes. You can access this room with the password found on a flooded ship nearby.

7 – Hardware Town: The warehouse is occupied by bandits or synths. You will find Picket Fences, a Stealth-Boy, and other supplies here. You will also find a paint mixer, which is necessary for the “Painting the town” side quest.

8 – Mass Pike Tunnel West: This is the western entrance to the location, which was previously described together with the Boston Police Rationing Site.

9 – Chestnuck Hillock: Here, you will find a small house near the lake, guarded by insects. Inside, you can acquire a holo tape from the computer. There is also a safe with a master lock.

10 – Parkview: This location consists of two buildings controlled by raiders. You may also encounter super mutants here. There are a few valuable items here, but nothing extraordinary.

11 – Diamond City: This is one of the most significant locations in the entire game. You will encounter many unique characters here and start or complete over ten quests. All important traders can be found here, allowing you to resupply your character. You can purchase a home here for 2000 caps.

12 – Market: This location is part of Diamond City. You can find traders here.

13 – Fens Street Sewer: This location consists of quite large canals occupied by a group of ghouls (including one glowing ghoul). You can find many valuable items here, such as the Tumbels Today magazine, a flamethrower, and a Stealth-Boy.

14 – Hangman’s Alley: This is a small bandit encampment that can be converted into your settlement once you’ve eliminated them.

15 – Back Street Apparel is a hideout for raiders that is part of a side quest received in Sanctuary. You can enter through the main door or through the roof hatch, but be prepared for bandits and turrets. There are interactive objects inside, including an armor workbench, but some require higher hacking and lockpicking skills.

16 – Bridgeway Trust is a ruined bank building with a lot of cash. With master-level hacking, you can open the vault and find several gold bars and 16 locked safes of varying difficulty levels. Inside the safes, you’ll find cash, ammo, and other items.

17 – Boston Library is occupied by super mutants and robots, with a metro station directly below. You can find valuable items here, including crafting materials and the Intelligence Bobblehead. For 50 tokens, you can also get the Massachusetts Surgical Journal from the book automat.

18 – Police Precinct 8 is a small building occupied by radroaches, with few valuable items.

19 – Dartmouth has several bandits, but nothing of value.

20 – Layton Towers is a multi-story building occupied by raiders, including two legendary ones. You’ll find valuable items inside, particularly ammo and food, as well as a fusion core on the ground floor.

21 – Mass Pike Tunnel East is the eastern entrance to the location described with Boston Police Rationing Site.

22 – Boston Police Rationing Site is an abandoned warehouse connected to Mass Pike Tunnel and occupied by insects and ghouls. You’ll find a fusion core and Taboo Tattoos magazine here.

23 – Fairline Hill Estates is guarded by mutated bears, but doesn’t have anything particularly valuable. You can trade with Eleanor in the trailer to the northeast.

24 – Relay Tower 0SC-527 will give you 3 new radio signals when powered up, but watch out for mole rats.

25 – Big John’s Salvage is controlled by super mutants and has a master-level safe, Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor, Fatman, Railway Rifle, and other items.

26 – South Boston Military Checkpoint is a former military base controlled by gunners. You’ll find a Fat Man, mininuke, Guns & Bullets magazine, and a master-level safe here.

27 – Yangtze is a submarine connected to the Here There Be Monsters quest.

28 – D.B. Technical High School is filled with raiders, turrets, and traps, but also has a variety of items such as food, ammo, and crafting materials. The most interesting parts are in the underground pool, where you’ll find a Fat Man, an enemy with a funny bear hat, and others with Deathclaw gauntlets. The next door leads to the Medical Metro Center.

29 – Wilson Atomatoys Corporate HQ is filled with super mutants and has three fusion cores as well as interesting history to collect from terminals, notes, and holotapes.

30 – Hesters Consumer Robotics is a small location with workbenches and crafting materials, but guarded by strong robots.

31 – Medical Metro Center is a small metro station that is linked to D.B Technical High School. The area is filled with raiders and two safes, two Nuka Cola Quantum bottles, and a fusion core can be found here.

32 – Mass Bay Medical Center is not a very large location, and it is inhabited by Gunners and a few robots. A flamer with some ammunition and a Gunner with power armor can be found here (use an elevator to get to him).

33 – Trinity Tower is a location connected to the Curtain Call quest. You must climb to the top of the tower, defeat a unique supermutant, and then free two imprisoned men. The supermutant called Strong from the cell will become your companion from now on. You’ll also find a Melee Bobblehead in their cell.

34 – Trinity Church is a location where Super Mutants live. A good minigun and an Astoundingly Awesome Tales magazine can be found near the rostrum. You’ll also find a Flux sensor in the trunk, which is needed to complete the Quatermastery quest.

35 – Hubris Comics is a location where you can get two costumes with dedicated weapons: Grognak The Barbarian and Silver Shroud (also need to complete the quest with the same name). You’ll also find a fusion core, a flux sensor (needed for the Quatermastery quest), and two magazines (Unstoppables and Astoundingly Awesome Tales).

36 – Combat Zone is a location connected with a mini-quest to get rid of all the riders inside. After completing it, you’ll receive some caps and be able to get a new companion, Cait. There’s also a pretty big amount of pre-war money and a Picket Fences magazine to be found here.

37 – Boylston Club is a small place full of poisoned wine, which killed club members. There’s one safe inside, which can be opened using a terminal.

38 – Swan’s Pound is a location where you’ll find a special Super Mutant. You can obtain a unique weapon, the Furious Power Fist, from his dead body. Going north will lead you to a small pavilion where you can obtain a not-so-badly modified 10mm Pistol and a Grognak the Barbarian magazine. This is also the place where the Railroad Trial starts.

39 – Skybridge is a part of the old highway that is now used as a passage between a few tall buildings.

40 – Park Street Station is a location you’ll go to in the main quest Unlucky Valentine. Under the station, there’s Vault 114, where Nick Valentine is being held. In this vault, you can obtain a Speech Bobblehead and an Astoundingly Awesome Tales magazine.

41 – HalluciGen is a laboratory where Gunners are fighting each other because of poisonous gas. Your main task is to get to the lowest level, where unique Hallucigen Containers can be found, which can be used to prepare special grenades.

42 – Massachusetts State Home is a location where you can face the Mirelurk Queen, find some ammunition, and obtain special Raiders Power Armor. This location is full of Mirelurks in the first part and not much less Raiders in the second.

43 – Vaul-Tec Regional HQ may be disappointing, as you won’t find any interesting items here. There’s just one advanced lock safe and four Vault-Tec launchboxes.

44 – Old Granary burying ground is an old graveyard. You’ll only find one dead military guy with basic equipment here.

45 – Postal Square only has one accessible building, Joe’s Spuckies bar, in this area. Inside, you’ll face a few Gunners and Mr. Gutsy. You’ll only find a bit of ammunition, chems, and Nuka Cola bottles as loot.

46 – Harbormaster Hotel is located in a rather unremarkable spot on the map. However, the upper floor and roof offer food, alcohol, and even medicine like X-Cell.

47 – The Shamrock Taphouse’s basement is home to Buddy, a robot that periodically produces beer. You can keep the beer for yourself or give it to Hotel Rexford in Goodneighbour as part of the Trouble Brewin’ quest. The location also includes the Total Hack magazine, two safes, some ammo, and a recipe for Buddy. Donny Kowalski can be found on the pier to the southeast as part of the Here There Be Monsters quest.

48 – The Custom Tower’s main building is uninteresting, but the adjacent building, 35 Court, has two safes and a complete set of X-01 power armor on the roof.

49 – Goodneighbor is a small, noir-inspired town that features two traders, various quests, and two potential companions. You’ll visit this location as part of the main story quests.

50 – The Charles View Amphitheater is home to the Pillars of Community cult, so beware of their attempts to rob you. The location only contains gold lighters and watches, as well as a mini-nuke under the bed on stage. The Emogene Takes a Lover quest is also connected to this location.

51 – The Mass Fusion Building is a tall building full of gunners, but you won’t be able to reach the top until you’ve completed the Mass Fusion quest. However, you can access the important items such as a fusion core, the Strength Bobblehead on a statue, and the Tesla Science magazine at any time. On the top level, you’ll face a gunner with T-45 power armor.

52 – The Old Corner is a one-room building with loot that includes Nuka Cola Quantum, a Caps Stash, and a few unimportant notes.

53 – The Boston Bugle Building is a miscellaneous location with a safe on the upper level floor behind the door to the outside.

54 – Faneuil Hall is full of Super Mutants, but you can find plenty of Pre-war money and ammo in containers inside. You’ll also find a note at the entrance, which starts the Treasure of Jamaican Plain quest. This location is also visited during the Valentine Detective Cases quests.

55 – The Haymarket Mall is another Raider base, so be careful of the one with a missile launcher at the entrance. On the upper floor, reached via elevator, Raiders fight Protectrons. There are two safes to loot, and you can also access the Garden Terraces on the roof. Watch out for the Deathclaw that resides there.

56 – The Cabot House is the location of three quests that start with Special Delivery. Once you’ve completed all the quests, you’ll gain access to the top floor of the building. You can enter the house by starting the quest in Bunker Hill (speak to Edward Deegan) or by using the intercom and selecting “Let me inside” multiple times. Inside, you’ll find a Zeta gun, a Fat Man and mini-nuke, and the Massachusetts Surgical Journal on the top floor.

The Picman Gallery at location 57 is only connected with one quest, which involves finding Pickman in the sewers under the building. You can find the Lockpicking Bobblehead and Astoundingly Awesome Tales magazine in the same room, as well as a missile launcher on top of the building. However, the building is full of raiders, turrets, and mines in the sewers.

The Old North Church at location 58 is a passageway to the hidden Railroad fraction headquarters. There are only ghouls in the church, and in the basement, you can use the RAILROAD password to get inside and optionally join the fraction. Only after joining will you get access to the headquarters.

The sixth sector of the world map presented above is the central part of the game, and it is probably the most important and densely populated area. There are tens, if not hundreds, of minor locations to explore. The most important of them all is Diamond City. The map shows all of the locations that you can discover, each with a description. The key locations have been described on separate pages.

Locations of collectibles

Vault 81 is where you can find the Medicine Bobblehead after completing the streak of quests in that location. You can also find Astoundingly Awesome Tales, Grognak the Barbarian, and Taboo Tattoos there.

At Trinity Tower, you can find the Melee Weapons Bobblehead. The Boston Public Library has the Intelligence Bobblehead and the Massachusetts Surgical Journal in the book return machine. Trinity Church has Astoundingly Awesome Tales, while Speech Bobblehead can be found in Park Street Station during the Unlucky Valentine quest. You can find Astoundingly Awesome Tales in both Park Street Station and Vault 114.

The Strength Bobblehead can be found in the Mass Fusion Building, while the Lockpick Bobblehead can be found in the Pickman Gallery in the same room where you find Pickman. Astoundingly Awesome Tales can also be found in the Pickman Gallery, Coast Guard Pier, Old North Church, and Hubris Comics. Unstoppables is available at Hubris Comics and Westing Estate.

You can find Grognak the Barbarian at Boston Common and Back Street Apparel, while Live and Love is available at Faneuil Hall and Diamond City Market. RobCo Fun can be found at Diamond City Market and Goodneighbor, while Picket Fence is available at Hardware Town, Beantown Brewery, and Combat Zone. Guns and Bullets can be found at South Boston Military Checkpoint, and Live and Love is available at Third Rail Inn and Rexford Hotel in Goodneighbor. Massachusetts Surgical Journal is available at Cabot House after completing a number of quests, and Taboo Tattoos can be found at Mass Pike Tunnel West.

Tales of Junktown Jerky Vendor can be found at Big John’s Salvage, Tesla Science at HalluciGen Inc. and Mass Fusion Building, Tumblers Today at Fens Street Sewer, and Total Hack at The Shamrock Taphouse. Unstoppables can be found at Westing Estate and D.B. Technical High School.

Locations of legendary items

You can find the Furious Power Glove at Swan’s Pond after defeating the legendary super mutant. Moe Cronin, a merchant, has the Baseball bat of Rockville for sale at Diamond City Market, while Arturo sells the Fat Man known as Big Boy.

Unique Weapons in Fallout 4

If you’re looking for some powerful and unique weapons in Fallout 4, here are some options:

  • Old Faithful – a laser gun sold by Arturo at Diamond City Market
  • Pickman’s Blade – find Pickman in the underground of Pickman Gallery and receive the key to the safe with this weapon
  • Grognak’s Axe – a weapon in the shopping window at the ground floor of Hubris Comics
  • Silver sub-machine gun – also in Hubris Comics, at the top floor
  • Ashtray – complete The Big Dig quest and side with Fahrenheit in Goodneighbor
  • Party Man – a rocket launcher sold by robot KL-E-0 in Goodneighbor
  • Deliverer – receive the pistol after completing a quest for Railroad Boston After Dark at Old North Church
  • Tinker Tom Special – receive it from Tinker Tom in Railroad HQ, also at Old North Church
  • Overseer’s Guardian – a unique weapon for sale at the local merchant in Vault 81
  • Zeta Gun – find it on the table in the lab at Cabot House

Potential Companions

Here are some potential companions and how to recruit them:

  • Piper – find her in Diamond City and she will join you during the main storyline
  • Nick Valentine – also from Diamond City, join him after completing the quest Unlucky Valentine
  • Curie – a robot found in Vault 81, complete quests in the location to recruit her
  • John Hancock – the Mayor of Goodneighbor, available as a companion after completing The Big Dig quest and standing against Bobby
  • Deacon – an agent for Railroad, available as a companion after completing preliminary quests for the Railroad
  • Cait – find her in Combat Zone and clear the location of gunners to recruit her
  • Robert MacCready – a mercenary found in Third Rail Inn in Goodneighbor
  • Strong – a super mutant who joins you after freeing him and Rex Goodman from Trinity Tower in Curtain Call


1. What is Sector 6 of the Map of Center of Boston?

Sector 6 of the Map of Center of Boston is a small area located in the eastern part of the city. It includes landmarks such as the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, the Seaport Hotel, the World Trade Center, and the Institute of Contemporary Art. This sector is known for its modern architecture, entertainment venues, and waterfront views. Visitors can also find a variety of restaurants, shops, and art galleries in this area.

2. How to get to Sector 6 of the Map of Center of Boston?

The easiest way to get to Sector 6 of the Map of Center of Boston is by public transportation. Visitors can take the Silver Line bus or the Red Line subway to the South Station stop and then walk or take a short taxi ride to the area. There are also several parking garages available for those who prefer to drive.

3. What are some popular attractions in Sector 6 of the Map of Center of Boston?

Sector 6 of the Map of Center of Boston is home to several popular attractions, including the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, the Institute of Contemporary Art, and the Boston Children’s Museum. Visitors can also enjoy a walk along the Harborwalk, which offers stunning views of the waterfront and city skyline. The area is also known for its excellent dining options, with a variety of restaurants specializing in seafood, Italian cuisine, and more.

4. Is Sector 6 of the Map of Center of Boston a safe area?

Sector 6 of the Map of Center of Boston is generally considered to be a safe area. However, as with any urban area, visitors should take precautions to ensure their safety. It is recommended to stay aware of your surroundings, especially at night, and to avoid walking alone in isolated areas. Visitors should also keep their valuables secure and be cautious when using public transportation.

5. What is the best time to visit Sector 6 of the Map of Center of Boston?

The best time to visit Sector 6 of the Map of Center of Boston depends on personal preference. Summer months offer warm weather and many outdoor activities, but can also be crowded and more expensive. Spring and fall are generally mild and less crowded, but visitors should be prepared for the occasional rainy day. Winter months can be cold and snowy, but also offer the chance to experience holiday events and festivals. Ultimately, the best time to visit Sector 6 of the Map of Center of Boston is whenever works best for your schedule and interests.

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