Guide to Pass Mustafar Trials in LEGO Skywalker Saga Game

This page of the LEGO Skywalker Saga guide provides a walkthrough for the Mustafar planet’s trial – Scramble Run.

This guide contains a walkthrough of the Scramble Run trial on Mustafar in the LEGO Star Wars game – The Skywalker Saga.

Scramble Run Mustafar

  1. Location: Local Space.
  2. How to Unlock: Start the level ‘The High Ground’ from Episode 3 – Revenge of the Sith.
  3. Reward: The Tarkin character.

Your objective is to cross through all 21 green gates in the shortest possible time. You can choose the order of gates as per your preference.

Depending on your performance, you can earn the following rewards:

  1. 110 seconds – Bronze Medal and 500 studs;
  2. 90 seconds – Silver Medal and 2,000 studs;
  3. 70 seconds – Gold Medal and The Tarkin character.


What are the Mustafar trials in LEGO Skywalker Saga?

The Mustafar trials are a series of challenges that players must complete in the LEGO Skywalker Saga game. These trials take place on the volcanic planet of Mustafar and are designed to test the player’s skills in combat, puzzle-solving, and exploration. The trials are divided into three parts, each with its own set of challenges and objectives. Players must navigate through treacherous terrain, battle enemies, and solve puzzles to progress through the trials and complete their ultimate goal.

What is the walkthrough for the Mustafar trials in LEGO Skywalker Saga?

The walkthrough for the Mustafar trials in LEGO Skywalker Saga is a step-by-step guide that helps players complete the challenges and objectives of the trials. The walkthrough provides detailed instructions on how to navigate through the treacherous terrain, defeat enemies, and solve puzzles. It also includes tips and strategies for each of the three parts of the trials, as well as information on how to unlock special rewards and achievements. Players can use the walkthrough as a helpful tool to aid them in completing the Mustafar trials and advancing through the game.

What are some tips for completing the Mustafar trials in LEGO Skywalker Saga?

There are several tips that players can use to help them complete the Mustafar trials in LEGO Skywalker Saga. First, it is important to take your time and carefully explore each area of the trials. Look for hidden paths, shortcuts, and collectibles that can help you progress through the challenges. Second, make sure to use your character’s unique abilities to their fullest potential. Some characters may be better at combat, while others excel at puzzle-solving or exploration. Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment and try different strategies. The Mustafar trials can be challenging, but with persistence and a little bit of creativity, players can overcome any obstacle and emerge victorious.

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