NieR Automata Walkthrough: Chapter 2, Route A

This page provides a walkthrough for Chapter 2 of Route A in NieR Automata. During this chapter, you will visit the Ruins of the City and the Resistance Camp for the first time. The walkthrough will guide you on how to reach the Resistance Camp, complete the first quests there, and get to the Desert Zone.

Note that you can start doing side quests from Chapter 2 onwards, but this walkthrough only focuses on the main storyline. For side quest walkthroughs, see the separate chapter on Side Quests.

  • Reaching the City Ruins – flying with the Flight Suit
  • City Ruins – the first visit to the City Ruins
  • Resistance Camp – first quests in the Resistance Camp
  • Gathering Intel – meeting people from the Rebel Camp
  • Desert Zone – reaching the desert

Reaching the City Ruins – flying with the Flight Suit

Chapter 2 starts with using the Flight Suit and eliminating enemies as you fly, similar to the campaign prologue. You can use the new Missile Barrage mechanic by pressing L1 to attack groups of enemy flying machines. However, use it strategically as it has a certain cooldown. The flight ends when you reach the landing point at the City Ruins.

City Ruins – the first visit to the City Ruins

For the first time, you will be in the City Ruins, which is part of the open world. You can follow the larger indicator on the map, which leads to the Resistance Camp, if you want to focus solely on the main plot. Alternatively, you can start exploring the map, but keep in mind that you cannot reach many areas yet. You should also consider the following:

  1. Access Points – Eliminate the monsters next to them and unlock the stations. Each of them allows you to save the game, and later they will also be linked to fast travel.
  2. Return to the factory – You can return to the location from the prologue to find the “previous” body of 2B and get additional weapons. We discussed this in more detail on the Factory from the prologue – how to return? page.
  3. You can engage in smaller activities – Attack (the respawning) opponents for XP, find loot and bodies of fallen players, or go fishing.

You can find more information on exploring the game world and optional activities on the Exploration page of our guide.

Resistance Camp – first quests in the Resistance Camp

The path to the Resistance Camp is near a small waterfall. You can look around the camp (you will find an Access Point and a lot of loot) or immediately talk to the rebel leader Anemone.

Collecting Information – Meeting NPCs from the Rebel Base

At the Resistance Base, there are a few important NPCs that you need to meet in order to progress the story and gain access to all the shops in the area.

The Strange Resistance Woman is a valuable source of information about the game world and various gameplay mechanics. She can provide guidance on saving game progress, using access points, finding destinations, and adjusting difficulty settings.

The Weapons Trader is one of the merchants in the base who offers a side quest called The Weapon Dealer’s Request. Completing this mission unlocks his shop, where you can purchase and upgrade melee weapons.

The Supply Trader also offers a side quest called The Supply Trader’s Request. Finishing this mission expands his inventory to include chips, as well as medical items, stat boosters, and bait for wild animals.

If you wish, you can also meet with the Maintenance Shop Owner to acquire new Pod Programs, expand your OS storage capacity for more chips, upgrade your Pod, and fuse identical chips.

Once you have completed the main objectives, return to Anemone, who will give you a new main quest related to investigating suspicious machine activity in the Desert Zone. Accept the mission and leave the camp to trigger a call from the Bunker operator.

Desert Zone – Journeying to the Desert

The path to the Desert Zone is located at the opposite end of the City Ruins, and can be navigated using the map. You will need to pass under the crooked skyscrapers to reach your destination.

Along the way, you will encounter a new Access Point and meet a new Supply Trader, whose wares are similar to those of the Supply Trader in the Resistance Base.


What is NieR Automata?

NieR Automata is an action role-playing video game developed by PlatinumGames and published by Square Enix. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where androids are sent to fight off alien machines that have invaded Earth. Players control androids 2B, 9S, and A2 as they battle through the various levels and uncover the story behind the conflict between the androids and machines. The game features a mix of hack-and-slash combat, RPG elements, and exploration, with multiple endings based on player choices.

What happens in Chapter 2, Route A of NieR Automata?

In Chapter 2, Route A of NieR Automata, players continue to control android 2B as she explores the ruins of Earth and fights off hordes of machines. The chapter begins with 2B and 9S investigating a machine factory, where they encounter a powerful machine called Adam. After a fierce battle, the pair manages to defeat Adam and retrieve some important data. As they continue their mission, they are ambushed by a group of machines led by Eve, Adam’s twin brother. The chapter ends with 2B and 9S engaged in a high-stakes battle against Eve and his army of machines.

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