How to Collect XP in NieR Automata?

This guide provides tips for earning XP quickly and leveling up to 99 in NieR Automata.

To defeat higher-level opponents with ease, it is important to gain more experience levels. This guide includes the main ways to collect experience points.

  • Experience levels – overview and impact on gameplay
  • How to collect XP?

Experience levels – overview and impact on gameplay

Players start NieR Automata at level 1 and can reach a maximum level of 99. It is difficult to reach the maximum level by playing the game normally. Completing side quests and fighting enemies can help you level up faster. By the time you complete all routes, your character should be around level 60.

Fighting opponents with levels around 50-60 is enough to finish the main storyline, but there is a hidden level 99 boss battle that players can fight. Be prepared when fighting this enemy with a lower level character. All characters share the same experience level, so if you switch from one character to another, you don’t need to start at level 1.

How to collect XP?

There are two main ways to earn experience points in NieR Automata:

1) Completing side quests – Side quests can earn you a significant amount of XP, with some quests offering over 1000XP. Some quests can be completed multiple times in Route B for more XP.

2) Fighting enemies – It is recommended to fight as many enemies as possible, especially at the beginning of the game and when exploring new locations. Defeating regular enemies can earn you new Unit Data entries, and some enemies respawn for more XP. Later in the game, golden enemies can be effectively attacked with 9S’s hacking, earning players more XP and valuable loot.

Players with DLC 3C3C1D119440927 can earn XP by joining battles in optional arenas with specific quests.

If you’re looking for quests in different zones, check out Trial of Sand for Desert Zone quests, Gambler’s Colosseum for Flooded City quests, and Underground Colosseum for Forest Zone quests (Note: Only 9S can complete the Underground Colosseum quests on Route B). Each arena offers battles against opponents of varying levels, and fighting high-level machines can help you level up faster.


1. What is XP in NieR Automata and why is it important?

XP, or experience points, are earned by defeating enemies and completing quests in NieR Automata. XP is important because it allows players to level up their characters, increasing their stats and unlocking new abilities. As players progress through the game, they will encounter tougher enemies that require higher levels to defeat, making XP crucial for success.

2. How can I maximize my XP gain in NieR Automata?

There are a few ways to maximize XP gain in NieR Automata. One is to equip chips that increase the amount of XP earned from battles. Another is to focus on completing side quests, which often offer large XP rewards. Players can also revisit previously cleared areas and defeat enemies for additional XP.

3. Are there any areas or enemies that offer particularly high XP rewards?

Yes, there are some areas and enemies in NieR Automata that offer higher than average XP rewards. The Forest Zone and the Amusement Park are both good areas to grind for XP, as they offer a high concentration of enemies. The Adam and Eve boss fights also offer large XP rewards, but these battles can be quite challenging.

4. Can I earn XP while playing as different characters?

Yes, XP is earned by the entire party in NieR Automata, regardless of which character is being controlled. This means that players can level up all of their characters simultaneously by switching between them regularly.

5. What happens if I die in NieR Automata? Do I lose XP?

When a player dies in NieR Automata, they do not lose any XP that they have already earned. However, the amount of XP required to level up increases each time a level is gained, so dying frequently can slow down progress and make it more difficult to reach higher levels.

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