Pickman’s Gift (Pickman Gallery)

How to start: Eliminate bandits from Pickman Gallery (M6,6) and locate Pickman


  • Retrieve Pickman’s Gift

Locate Pickman in the sewers of Pickman Gallery

Entrance to Pickman Gallery

The Pickman Gallery has been occupied by a group of bandits. The owner is unhappy about it. Explore the entire gallery and eliminate all enemies that you encounter.

The hole on the highest floor that will allow you to reach the basement

Once you have defeated the last opponent, find the hole in the wall on the highest floor. The hole is located on the left after climbing the stairs.


Jump through the hole in the floor behind the wall hole mentioned earlier. This will take you to the basement, where there is a small sewer network. Follow it until you reach the last room with a group of enemies. You must jump inside (or prepare a proper ambush). In the room, you will find Pickman, who will inform you about a safe hidden in the building as a reward for “cleaning” his gallery. You will also receive a key to the safe. In this room, you can find the Lock Picking Bobblehead between the pillars in the middle.

Opening the safe in the gallery

The safe is hidden behind the painting

In the safe, which is located behind the painting in the corner of the ground floor, you will find Pickman’s unique knife (25 additional bleeding damage) in addition to random items (mostly ammunition).

Quest rewards: Experience and access to the safe, where you will find Pickman’s unique knife


What is Pickman’s Gift?

Pickman’s Gift is a quest in the video game Fallout 4, where the player is tasked with finding a painting called “Pickman’s Gift” in the Pickman Gallery. The painting is said to be haunted, and the quest involves defeating several ghouls and other enemies as the player navigates through the spooky gallery. Once the painting is found, the player can choose to keep it or give it to Hancock, a ghoul companion who greatly admires Pickman’s work. The quest is popular among Fallout 4 fans for its creepy atmosphere and unique storyline.

Is Pickman’s Gallery a real place?

No, Pickman’s Gallery is a fictional location created for the video game Fallout 4. The gallery is located in the city of Boston in the game’s post-apocalyptic world, and is home to a group of ghouls who have taken up residence there. The gallery’s namesake, Pickman, is a talented but twisted artist who creates disturbing paintings featuring ghouls and other monsters. While the gallery is not based on a real place, it has become a popular destination for Fallout 4 players who enjoy exploring the game’s spooky and unsettling locations.

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