Poseidon Energy (Southern Boston)

The gunner-controlled Poseidon Energy power plant is home to numerous valuable items, but defeating formidable opponents is a prerequisite. The location is divided into two areas; the flooded basement, overrun with mirelurks, and the primary building, occupied by gunners.

To gain access to the building, you must enter one of the pipes as the doors are locked from the inside. The waterside entrance through a pipe is the only viable option.

The entire lower level is submerged in water, making it difficult to navigate. You will also encounter several glowing mirelurks, and you can traverse underwater tunnels to move between rooms.

Upon exiting the basement, a novice level terminal can open a door leading to the primary building. Here, you will encounter a dozen gunners, automated turrets, and several roots, with Cutty, the gunner leader, being the most dangerous. He is in possession of a key that unlocks all locked exits, which are master locked.

The same room houses the Endurance Bobblehead and a Tesla Science issue on a desk.


What is Poseidon Energy (Southern Boston)?

Poseidon Energy (Southern Boston) is a fictional location in the popular video game Fallout 4. It is a large, abandoned power plant located near the coast of Boston and is known for its dangerous radiation levels and hostile robotic enemies. The site was previously owned by Poseidon Energy, a fictional energy company in the Fallout universe.

What is the history of Poseidon Energy (Southern Boston) in Fallout 4?

In the Fallout 4 universe, Poseidon Energy (Southern Boston) was a significant source of power for the city of Boston before the Great War. However, after the war, the site was abandoned and left to decay. Over time, the power plant became overrun with dangerous robotic enemies and high levels of radiation, making it a treacherous location for players to explore. Despite its dangers, some players seek out the site for its valuable loot and challenging gameplay.

What can players expect when exploring Poseidon Energy (Southern Boston) in Fallout 4?

Players who venture into Poseidon Energy (Southern Boston) can expect to face off against a variety of robotic enemies, including Protectrons, Assaultrons, and Sentry Bots. The site is also highly irradiated, meaning players will need to come prepared with Rad-X and RadAway to avoid taking damage from radiation poisoning. Despite these challenges, the location offers a unique and rewarding gameplay experience for those who are willing to brave its dangers.

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