Sanctuary (sector 1 location)

Before the disaster, Sanctuary was the protagonist’s home. You revisit this place during the initial main quest, Out of time. Later in the game, it becomes the primary base of operations for the Minutemen. It’s also a settlement that you can develop and attract new settlers to.

When you first arrive at the settlement, make sure to explore all the buildings to search for valuable items. This will provide enough supplies for your next journey.

In your old house, you can find the Grognak the Barbarian Magazine. It increases the damage dealt with fists and melee weapons by 5%.

Codsworth is often wandering around the settlement, making it difficult to locate him.

If you’re searching for Codsworth, you can find him in Sanctuary. He’ll assist you in exploring the village, and you can invite him to join you the second time you meet him.

All the workshops you need can be found in the village.

Disarming the bomb will grant you a few extra resources.

In one of the houses, you’ll come across a safe at novice level. Be cautious, as it’s secured with a trap that you must disable first. Inside, you’ll find some ammunition.


What is Sanctuary?

Sanctuary is a location in the video game Sector 1. It is a fortified area where players can rest and resupply before continuing their missions. The location features a variety of buildings, including a medical center, armory, and barracks. There are also NPC characters that players can interact with to learn more about the game’s story and lore.

How do I access Sanctuary?

Players can access Sanctuary by completing certain missions in Sector 1. Once they have reached a certain point in the game, they will be able to fast travel to Sanctuary from their map. It is also possible to return to Sanctuary at any time during gameplay by selecting it from the fast travel menu.

What can I do in Sanctuary?

In Sanctuary, players can rest and resupply before continuing their missions. They can visit the medical center to heal their character and purchase medical supplies. The armory allows players to purchase weapons and ammunition, while the barracks provides a place to rest and recover. Additionally, players can interact with NPC characters to learn more about the game’s story and lore.

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