Sheep Breeding and Wool Production in Farming Simulator 22

This tutorial page provides information on breeding sheep and producing wool in Farming Simulator 22.

Here, you will learn about sheep in Farming Simulator 22, including their diet, housing, wool production, and when to sell them.

Sheep are one of the most affordable and low-maintenance breeding options. They require only water and grass (or hay) to survive, and hay can be purchased in bales from the store.

Sheep have a 100% production efficiency when consuming either of the two feeds, so you do not need to provide them with both at once.

  • Farm House Types
  • Sheep Types
  • Feeding
  • Wool Collection and Use
  • Profitability

Farm House Types

There are three types of buildings where you can house your sheep:

  1. Pasture: 15 sheep, food capacity – 3000l (also requires water supply), price: 26 000€
  2. Farm house: 25 sheep, food capacity – 4500l, price: 51 000€
  3. Farm house 2: 65 sheep, food capacity – 11500l, price: 97 000€

Due to their small capacity, pastures are not recommended, and you will have to provide the sheep with water in addition to food.

Sheep Types

Sheep have their own performance and age-dependent requirements. Species do not matter; they only affect the appearance. The rules are as follows:

  1. Young sheep (up to 8 months) produce a minimum amount of wool and do not breed. They have minimal food requirements.
  2. Sheep over 8 months old are optimally productive. They produce wool and can breed. As they grow, they consume more food than younger and older sheep.
  3. Older sheep (30 months) breed at the same level but produce almost twice as much wool and consume less food than younger sheep.

You can check your animals’ condition in the animal management window. Sheep require similar amounts of water and food. As long as both needs are met, productivity will remain at 100%, regardless of the number of sheep. Below their health level, you can see their reproduction status-when the bar fills up, young lambs are born.


You can feed your sheep with loose grass or hay by unloading it at the designated marker when you see the message about a possible unloading at the bottom of the screen.

The second option is bales. You can purchase hay bales from the store. Remember, sheep do not eat silage. Grass and hay are equally effective feeds.

Tip: When you place grass/hay bales at the feeding spot, the animals will have a constant supply of food, so you can check on them less frequently.

Wool Collection and Use

Pallets of wool will eventually appear in the designated area near the building. A full pallet carries 1000l of wool. You can load and transport the pallets in any way you prefer, depending on how many pallets you need to transport at once.

To handle larger quantities, buying a flat trailer and a telescopic loader is a wise investment. The long boom of the loader makes it easy to place pallets on the trailer.


The following values are rounded. Production and consumption are based on a monthly calculation for 10 animals.

Young Sheep

Adult Sheep (8 months)

Old Sheep (30 months)

Purchase Price

200 €/one sheep

488 €/one sheep

1283 €/one sheep

Monthly Food Consumption




Monthly Wool Production



150 / 200



Every 5 months

Every 5 months

The maximum value of an animal is 1000 €, which is reached at the age of 36 months.


What are the basics of sheep breeding in Farming Simulator 22?

Sheep breeding in Farming Simulator 22 involves a few basic steps. First, you’ll need to purchase some sheep and provide them with a pen, water, and food. Then, you’ll need to regularly tend to your sheep by cleaning their pen, providing fresh water, and feeding them regularly. You can also breed your sheep by purchasing a ram and introducing him to your ewes. During the breeding season, you’ll need to monitor your ewes for signs of pregnancy and provide them with extra care and attention. Once your lambs are born, you’ll need to continue providing them with food and water until they are old enough to be sold or slaughtered.

What are some tips for successful sheep breeding in Farming Simulator 22?

Successful sheep breeding in Farming Simulator 22 requires careful attention to detail and a few key strategies. First and foremost, you’ll need to ensure that your sheep have a clean and comfortable pen, with plenty of space to move around. You’ll also need to provide them with a balanced diet that includes plenty of fresh water, hay, and feed. Additionally, it’s important to keep your sheep healthy by monitoring them for signs of illness and treating any health issues promptly. Finally, be sure to plan ahead for the breeding season by purchasing a quality ram and preparing your ewes for breeding.

What are the benefits of raising sheep in Farming Simulator 22?

Raising sheep in Farming Simulator 22 can be a lucrative and rewarding endeavor. Sheep are relatively low-maintenance animals that require less space and resources than other livestock, such as cows or pigs. Additionally, sheep can produce wool, which can be sold for a profit. Breeding sheep can also result in the birth of lambs, which can be raised for meat or sold to other farmers. Finally, raising sheep can be a great way to diversify your farm and add variety to your agriculture activities.

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