Side Quests in Mission of San Juan in Shadow of the Tomb Raider

In Shadow of the Tomb Raider, there is only one side quest available in the Mission of San Juan location. This quest can be accessed as soon as you gain entry to the location.

Star Crossed

The screenshot above indicates the most significant locations linked to the Star Crossed side quest.

  1. A Man with a Woman – At the beginning, you need to speak to a man who will provide you with the mission.
  2. Cemetery – You must talk to an old woman and a group of children and complete a task for them.
  3. Crypt Entrance – After fulfilling the tasks assigned by the locals, you have to venture deep into the forest and open the crypt.
  4. Crypt – You will find Isabela inside the crypt.
  5. Manu – Manu will send you to the tomb.
  6. The Thirsty Gods Tomb – You must complete the tomb.

To start the quest, you must initiate a conversation with a man. He will narrate his story about his relationship with Isabela and direct you to the cemetery. At the cemetery, you must talk to an elderly woman and some children.

The children will present you with a riddle. If you fail to solve it, the children will not move, and you won’t be able to proceed further. The treasure they are after is located behind the well on the left side. Once you acquire it, you must give it to them.

In the screenshot above, we have marked the spot where the treasure is located.

After completing the task assigned by the children, you must help the woman raise the cross. Once you do this, you will have to travel along a trail of crosses.

As you approach the final cross, examine it, and it will open the entrance to the crypt. You must find Isabela in the crypt.

The crypt is located in the northern part of the zone, in the middle of the jungle. Entering the crypt is not complicated, and Isabela is right next to the sarcophagus.

To get to the sarcophagus and Isabela, you must descend two walls. On the first wall, you can use the ice-axe and a rope or use a ladder. However, for the next wall, you can jump down immediately as there is deep water below you.

After diving into the water, you will see the sarcophagus and Isabela right next to it. You will acquire Kantu’s Gilded Vest from the sarcophagus. After conversing with Isabela, you must return to Guillermo, who will redirect you to Manu. Manu will direct you to the tomb of Thirsty Gods. You must completely finish the tomb. If you have already completed the tomb earlier, the quest will automatically end.

The Thirsty Gods Tomb can be located at the eastern part of the area, surrounded by lakes. To reach it, you must swim a long distance underwater. Nevertheless, the path is relatively easy as there are no enemies or pitfalls.

Once you arrive at a closed room filled with water, you need to break the gates to let the water out. You can accomplish this by using your bow and arrow to shoot the rope, which will pull the boards blocking the passage and lower the water level. Afterward, Lara will be dragged underwater.

The water’s current will bring Lara to the next room, where she must swim through a narrow gap to reach the riddle’s location.

Your first task is to cut the ropes that are attached to the raft. However, you must be cautious since piranhas are swarming in the water. If they attack you, quickly jump out of the water to survive. To release the second raft, you must dive into a small cave and cut the rope holding it.

In the second part of the puzzle, you will encounter a special machine that needs to be set so that the water flows into the bucket, then quickly onto the waterwheel, and eventually into the water without interacting with the bucket or waterwheel. This way, you can move freely towards the open passage without the water influencing its closure. Upon reaching the other side, there is a chapel that will complete the exploration of the tomb.

After completing the tomb, return to Manu, who will give you an object that can enhance your knowledge of dialects.


What are the Mission of San Juan side quests in Shadow of the Tomb Raider?

The Mission of San Juan is a location in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and it’s also the final destination of the main storyline. However, there are several side quests that can be completed in this area before finishing the game. The side quests in the Mission of San Juan are designed to challenge the player’s skills, and they offer unique rewards such as new weapons and outfits.

How many side quests are there in the Mission of San Juan?

There are a total of six side quests in the Mission of San Juan. These quests are available after completing the main storyline in the Hidden City. The side quests are marked on the map with a blue exclamation point, and they can be completed in any order. The side quests include “Stay of Execution,” “How Sweet the Sound,” “Hunter’s Moon,” “Downpour,” “Hearts and Minds,” and “Ruffled Feathers.”

What are the rewards for completing the Mission of San Juan side quests?

The rewards for completing the Mission of San Juan side quests vary depending on the quest. Some quests offer new weapons, such as the Oathtaker’s bow, while others offer new outfits, such as the Sinchi Chiqa Battle Dress. In addition to these rewards, completing all of the side quests in the Mission of San Juan will unlock the “Completionist” achievement. This achievement is awarded to players who complete all of the side quests and challenges in the game.

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