Silver Shroud

In order to activate this quest, you need to visit the Memory Den sub-location in Goodneighbor (M6,4) and talk to Kent Connoly, one of the clients there (located behind Irma’s armchair).

The objectives of this quest include:

  • Acquire the Silver Shroud Costume
  • Listen to Silver Shroud radio in Goodneighbor
  • Eliminate Wayne Delancy & leave a calling card on his body
  • Deal with AJ & leave a calling card on his body
  • Eliminate Kendra
  • (Optional) Assassinate Shelly Tiller & collect assassination payment
  • Meet Hancock as the Shroud
  • Eliminate Smiling Katy
  • Eliminate Northy
  • Find Kent & eliminate Sinjin
  • (Optional) Save Kent Connolly
  • Meet Hancock as the Shroud

Acquire the Silver Shroud Costume

Kent Connolly – the questgiver

Behind the red door located behind Irma’s armchair in the Memory Den, you will find Kent Connolly. If you speak with him and ask about his troubles, he will inform you about a specific item he is looking for. You can use your Charisma to obtain 75 bottlecaps from him.

Silver Shroud costume on the movie set

Once you arrive at the Hubris Comics location, you can attempt to sneak up to the highest floor and acquire the costume, your objective. Be cautious though, as this is not an easy task. If you make any noise, you will attract a large group of ghouls in the area.

The costume can be found on the third floor, along with a rifle hidden behind a curtain. Before leaving the location, search the first cash register to find a key that will unlock a nearby locker. Also, check out the terminal at the cash register to gain access to a unique Grognak’s axe from a nearby exposition on the wall. Lastly, you can find an Unstoppables magazine close to the cash register.

Eliminate Wayne Delancy

Eliminate Wayne in the dark alley

You can choose to end the quest here by refusing to continue helping Kent. Alternatively, you can wear the Silver Shroud costume you found and become a local hero. It is best to keep wearing it all the time (you don’t need to use the weapon from the “set”), as this will give you some additional dialogue options. Leave the building and activate the Silver Shroud radio. After a while, the marker of the first target, Wayne, will appear. You must eliminate him and place the calling card on his body.

Deal with AJ

Another target – AJ the dealer

Your next target is AJ, the drug dealer. He will attempt to bribe you with 50 bottlecaps, but you can bargain up to 200. You can take the bribe to avoid fighting, but this will greatly affect your relationships with good companions. As before, make sure to place the calling card on his body after eliminating him.

Assassinate Kendra

Kendra is hiding in the Water Street Apartments

Upon receiving information from the radio, proceed to the pub and speak to the robot-bartender. No bribe is required, simply speak as the Shroud and ask your question to receive a straightforward answer. The Water Street Apartments, an unmarked building, is located outside the city and is where Kendra is hiding. Beware of mines and a turret guarding her room. Once eliminated, place the card on her corpse to discover a contract that unlocks an optional mission objective.

(Optional) Assassinate Shelly Tiller

Shelly is located on the first floor of the National Guard Training Yard

If desired, Shelly Tiller can also be eliminated. She can be found on the first floor of the National Guard Training Yard and will not defend herself, though her murder will be viewed unfavorably. Upon completion, collect the payment of 500 bottlecaps from the orange toolbox south of the Mass Fusion Building.

Meet with Hancock

Hancock is the ruler of Goodneighbor

Return to Goodneighbor and listen to the Silver Shroud radio to continue. Hancock, the city’s ruler, will contact you and request the assassination of two more targets. Charisma can be used to receive 50 bottlecaps in advance. Smiling Kate can be found in Bunker Hill and should be attacked immediately to avoid a trap. Northy is better protected and may attempt to flee. Upon collecting notes from his body, return to Kent, the questgiver, who will inform you of his kidnapping. Listen to the Silver Shroud radio recording and proceed to the Milton General Hospital. Utilize the elevator to confront a group of bandits.

Find Kent and Kill Sinjin

Sinjin can be bargained with, but caution should be exercised

Proceed through the hospital to the third elevator, which leads to the band of thugs holding Kent captive. Approach within half the distance and wait until the bandit speaking finishes before initiating dialogue. High Charisma allows for the option of drawing fire or scaring the bandits away, leaving only Sinjin. Quick reflexes and powerful equipment are necessary to prevent Kent’s death. Cryogenic weapons, V.A.T.S., and Jets are all effective options. Shooting the enemy’s hand may also cause their weapon to drop. Upon completion, return to Hancock for a large reward. The Silver Shroud costume may be stored for future use.

Quest Rewards and Epilogue

Upon completing the quest, you will receive experience and 165 bottlecaps from Kent. Additionally, you will obtain the Silver Shroud’s Costume and can earn 750 bottlecaps from Hancock if you fully complete the quest. You also have the option to receive 500 bottlecaps for killing Shelly Tiller and can embark on another quest for Silver Shroud.

After the quest, keep an eye out for Manta Man, a superhero enthusiast following in Silver Shroud’s footsteps. He can be found battling mole rats, and you can choose to assist him in defeating the creatures during your travels through the game world.


What is the Silver Shroud?

The Silver Shroud is a fictional character from the radio show with the same name in the game Fallout 4. The character is a vigilante who fights crime in a silver suit and fedora hat. The radio show is set in the fictional city of Boston, which has been devastated by a nuclear war in the game’s storyline. The Silver Shroud is one of the most popular radio shows in the game and it has a large fan following among the players. The character is voiced by actor Brian T. Delaney.

What role does the Silver Shroud play in Fallout 4?

The Silver Shroud is a character that the player can interact with in Fallout 4. The player can listen to the radio show, collect memorabilia related to the character, and even become the Silver Shroud themselves. There is a questline in the game called “The Silver Shroud” where the player takes on the role of the character and fights crime in Boston while wearing the iconic silver suit and fedora hat. The questline is one of the most popular in the game and is known for its humor and references to classic detective stories. Overall, the Silver Shroud is an important part of the Fallout 4 universe and has become a fan favorite among players.

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