The Main Ending in Far Cry 6

This section of the Far Cry 6 game guide provides instructions on how to unlock the primary campaign ending and a brief overview of what it entails.

Contained in this Far Cry 6 guide are details on the fundamental conclusion of the game’s primary plot. You’ll learn when the basic ending takes place and whether there is a final boss battle involved.

  • Basic Information
  • Unlocking the Fundamental Campaign Ending
  • Confronting Anton – Is there a Final Boss in the Game?

Basic Information

This page contains spoilers for the obvious reason, though we’ve attempted to avoid disclosing the significant events and details of the deaths of key characters from the final two missions of the game.

Far Cry 6 also has a hidden conclusion that you may have already unlocked before reaching the campaign finale. We’ve described them on a separate page of the guide.

Unlocking the Basic Campaign Ending

To achieve the game’s primary ending, you must finish all of the main missions. The last two tasks occur in Esperanza, a region primarily consisting of the island’s capital. These objectives are:

  1. The Lion’s Den
  2. The Battle of Esperanza

It’s worth mentioning that before proceeding to The Lion’s Den mission (reaching the large statue in the image above), you’ll receive a warning about the so-called point of no return. This means you’ll have to complete both operations back to back. During the completion of the primary storyline, you won’t be able to move freely in the game world temporarily. Fortunately, once you’ve finished the main plot, exploration and dealing with side quests and activities will be available once more.

In the game’s finale, you’ll travel to Esperanza and encounter various battles in the city. Although the main character will be forced to join some of them, your primary goal will be to hunt down Anton.

Confronting Anton – Is there a Final Boss in the Game?

The confrontation with Anton Castillo and his son takes place during the final segment of Operation Battle for Esperanza, specifically after arriving at the top floor of the Torra del Leon skyscraper in Esperanza.

Far Cry 6 does not have a final boss battle. After locating Anton, you’ll witness a few cutscenes in which the rebels defeat the dictator. The main character will relinquish leadership of the guerrilla militia and focus on saying goodbye to their fallen comrades.

Note – After the credits, you can watch a brief extra scene. It includes additional dialogue and is not recommended to skip if you want to experience the game’s fundamental ending to the fullest.


What is the main ending of Far Cry 6?

The main ending of Far Cry 6 sees the player character, Dani Rojas, facing off against AntГіn Castillo in a final showdown at his palace. Depending on the choices made throughout the game, the ending can play out in a few different ways. However, the ultimate goal is to defeat AntГіn and liberate Yara.

What are the different possible outcomes of the main ending?

Depending on the choices made throughout the game, the main ending can have a few different outcomes. If the player has accumulated enough support from the people of Yara, they may have the option to spare AntГіn’s life and offer him a chance at redemption. Alternatively, they may choose to kill him and end his reign of terror once and for all. The ending also features a post-credits scene that hints at the possibility of a sequel.

Is the main ending satisfying?

This is subjective and will depend on the individual player’s experience. Some players may find the main ending of Far Cry 6 to be satisfying, as it brings closure to the story and allows the player to see the conclusion of their journey. Others may feel that the ending is anticlimactic or doesn’t live up to their expectations.

Can the main ending be changed by player choices?

Yes, the main ending of Far Cry 6 can be changed based on the choices made by the player throughout the game. The choices that the player makes will affect the narrative and can result in different outcomes for certain characters and events. This allows for a degree of player agency and can make the ending feel more personalized and impactful.

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