The Molecular Level – Starting the Quest

How to Begin: The quest will start automatically after completing the Hunter/Hunted main quest in the Greenetech Genetics (M5,4) location.

Quest Objectives:

  • Hand over the courser chip for analysis
  • Find the Railroad – this objective will only activate if you haven’t made contact with that faction before
  • Return to Virgil
  • Organize help to build the signal interceptor
  • (Optional) Speak with the Minutemen – you can only ask one faction for help
  • (Optional) Speak with the Railroad – you can only ask one faction for help
  • (Optional) Speak with the Brotherhood of Steel – you can only ask one faction for help
  • Consult with the faction’s scientist – each faction has a different specialist you must speak to
  • Build the Reflector Platform
  • Build the console
  • Build the relay dish
  • Build the beam emitter
  • (Optional) Find the bio scanner in hospitals – the objective will only become active if you have no bio scanners in your inventory
  • (Optional) Find the sensor module near the telecommunications infrastructure – the objective will only become active if you have no sensor module in your inventory
  • (Optional) Find the proper circuit board in military facilities – the objective will only become active if you have no circuit boards in your inventory
  • Provide power to the signal interceptor
  • Use the signal interceptor

Important! It is recommended to manually save the game after speaking to Virgil at the beginning of this quest. The following objectives will require you to strengthen your relationship with one of the three main factions. It won’t make other factions hostile towards you, but it’s better to be safe, especially if you’re unsure which faction you want to help later in the game.

Handing Over the Courser Chip for Analysis

Show the chip to Doctor Amari

Bring the chip obtained in the previous main quest to Doctor Amari. She can be found in the Memory Den building in Goodneighbor. Once you reach her office in the basement of the building, start a conversation with her and show her the chip. Amari will send you to find the Railroad faction, who can crack the chip’s protection.

Finding the Railroad

If you haven’t found the Railroad faction yet, you must do so by completing the Road to Freedom quest. Even if you don’t plan to work with the group later in the game, completing the quest is necessary. If you’ve already found the faction’s headquarters, you can skip this part and go directly to the end of this section – the meeting with Desdemona in Railroad H.Q.

The Place to Overhear the Conversation

The Road to Freedom quest mentioned earlier can be unlocked in several ways. The easiest is to overhear a conversation between two men in the Diamond City Market. They’re located north of the main trading plaza, near Nick Valentine’s detective agency.

The starting point of the “road to freedom”

You have the option to head straight to the city center park, which is marked as the mission’s destination. There, you will see a marker on the ground with a red line leading somewhere. Be careful as the path is long and not always easy to spot. You may encounter ghouls, thugs, and mutants on the way, but you can ignore them and continue following the path.

The entrance of the church – look for the white lantern painted on the wall, which is one of the faction’s symbols

The path ends before a white door leading to the Old North Church. To avoid the ghouls, turn right immediately and head through the door to the basement.

You will see a lock on the last wall, with letters on its face. Press the middle button to turn and select the letters, creating the password “RAILROAD” and confirming each word by pressing the button. The secret passage will then open, allowing you to enter the next room where you will meet Desdemona.


If you encounter Desdemona for the first time, she will ask you several questions. If you have already made contact with the faction, you can head directly to the Railroad H.Q. and speak to her. Regardless, you must mention doctor Amari and the courser chip you possess. Next, speak to Tinker Tom, who can also be found in the H.Q. Agree to give the chip to the Railroad (you can reclaim it later if necessary), and wait for Tom to analyze it. He will give you the Courser Chip Data holotape.

Return to Virgil

Meeting with Virgil again

Leave the Railroad faction’s headquarters and return to Rocky Cave, located in the southwestern corner of the map. Speak to Virgil and give him the data you obtained. He will tell you that you need to build a signal interceptor and give you the plans. You will need to ask one of the factions for help in constructing the device, which will be explained in the next part of the walkthrough.


1. What is “The Molecular Level” quest in Fallout 4?

The Molecular Level is a main quest in Fallout 4 which requires the player to build a teleporter that can transport them into the Institute. The quest is a crucial part of the main storyline and unlocks access to the Institute, one of the major factions in the game.

2. How do I start “The Molecular Level” quest?

To start “The Molecular Level” quest, players need to have completed the “Getting a Clue” quest and have joined the Railroad faction. After that, they need to speak to Tinker Tom, who will give them the quest and provide them with the necessary components to build the teleporter.

3. What are the requirements to build the teleporter in “The Molecular Level” quest?

The player needs to have the required components to build the teleporter, which are provided by Tinker Tom. They also need to have a settlement with a power grid and enough space to build the teleporter. Additionally, the player needs to have advanced enough in the game’s main storyline to have access to the Railroad faction.

4. What are some tips for completing “The Molecular Level” quest?

Players should make sure they have enough resources and space to build the teleporter before starting the quest. They should also make sure to bring enough weapons and ammunition to deal with any enemies they may encounter along the way. It is also recommended to save the game frequently, as the quest can be challenging and mistakes can be costly.

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