The Nuclear Option (the Railroad ending)

How to trigger: automatically unlocks after completing the Rockets’ Red Glare mission.

Quest objectives:

  • Talk to Desdemona
  • Talk to Z1-14
  • Kill everyone in the Relay Control Room
  • Talk to Desdemona
  • Use Terminal to Override Institute Lockdown
  • Reach the Reactor
  • Plant Fusion Pulse Charge Inside Reactor
  • Talk to Desdemona
  • Speak to Tinker Tom
  • Step Into the Relay
  • Use the Detonator
  • Talk to Desdemona

Find a different way into the Institute

“Clean” the room for guests…

This is the final mission that concludes the main story. In this section, you’ll discover how to complete it by partnering with the Railroad faction. The condition for initiating this mission is having maintained good relations with the Institute up to this point.

To begin, speak with Desdemona first. Then, at the Institute, you’ll meet Z1-14 near the transmitter. He’ll ask you to eliminate all of the other synths and scientists in the room. Once that’s done, your backup will arrive through the transmitter.

You can activate the drone on the lower floor, it will help you in eliminating synths

Head down the road through the abandoned section of the Institute until you reach the interior. Along the way, you’ll confront many first and second-generation synths and some laser turrets positioned in pairs—the latter can be deactivated using terminals. Once you arrive at the bottom floor, utilize the terminal to activate a robot that will assist you in combat.

The released gorillas will be your enemies as well

Next, you’ll enter the Institute and commence the actual battle. In the first biotechnologies room, you may break the glasses behind which gorillas are located—they’ll become the third side in the conflict. Proceed to the main hall. If you’ve prepared weapons for the synth rebels during the Underground Undercover side mission, they’ll now assist you in combat with the weapons you supplied.

Disable the Institute’s barrier

Use Father’s computer, you can talk with him before you complete the objective

After clearing the path, proceed to Father’s room. Speak with him and use Charisma to obtain a code. Entering the code in the terminal next to his bed will disable some of the enemy synths. Use the terminal to unlock the passage to the reactor.

Install the explosive in the reactor

Fighting in the small room by using rocket launchers and other powerful weapons might not end well for the surrounding

Inside, you’ll face one final tough battle. However, you don’t need to participate too much—the objective is to take the core from the reactor (beware of high radiation levels). Once you’ve done that, you’ll be teleported away. One of the stronger synths will be equipped with a basic version of a rocket launcher, while another will have a flamethrower.

Just because the Institute is eliminated doesn’t mean you won’t encounter any new synths…

When the teleportation occurs, you and your entire team will be transported to the roof of the Mass Fusion Building. There, you will discover a detonator for the nuclear charge, which will enable you to finally eradicate the Institute. Once this occurs, the main storyline of the game will conclude, but you will still have the freedom to explore the world and finish side quests.

Quest rewards: Experience points.


What is the Nuclear Option in Fallout 4?

The Nuclear Option is a main quest in Fallout 4 that involves siding with the Railroad faction to destroy the Institute. This ending is considered the most violent and destructive, as it involves detonating a nuclear device inside the Institute, causing a massive explosion that destroys everything within its blast radius. The Railroad believes that this is the only way to completely eliminate the threat of the Institute and free all of the synths that they have enslaved. However, this option comes with significant consequences and can have a lasting impact on the game world.

What are the consequences of choosing the Nuclear Option?

Choosing the Nuclear Option has significant consequences, both in terms of the game world and the player’s reputation with different factions. The first consequence is the destruction of the Institute itself, which can have major repercussions on the game’s storyline and the player’s ability to access certain areas. Additionally, the player’s relationship with the factions they did not side with will be permanently damaged, potentially making it impossible to complete certain quests or receive support from those factions in the future. Finally, the player’s reputation with the Railroad will increase significantly and they will become known as a ruthless and violent operative.

Is the Nuclear Option the best ending in Fallout 4?

There is no one “best” ending in Fallout 4, as the game’s storyline and ending options are designed to be subjective and dependent on the player’s choices and preferences. Some players may prefer the Nuclear Option because of its dramatic and decisive nature, while others may prefer the more peaceful and diplomatic options available. Ultimately, the best ending is the one that feels the most satisfying and true to the player’s character and motivations. It’s important to explore all of the options available and make a choice based on what feels right for the player and their playstyle.

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