Tips for Making Bales in Farming Simulator 22

Learn how to create bales using balers, what materials can be turned into bales, and how to load them onto trailers in Farming Simulator 22 with this guide.

  • Creating bales with balers
  • Loading bales onto trailers
  • Wrapping bales to create silage

Creating Bales with Balers

Bales are a useful way to store and transport hay, grass, or silage. There are various machines for baling, which differ in:

  1. The shape of the bales
  2. The size of the bales, and hence their capacity
  3. The availability of an additional wrapper

It’s best to rake the hay or grass beforehand to speed up the collection process. You can choose the bale size in the machine options, and bales can be either roller-shaped or rectangular. The choice of shape is important when selecting a bale wrapping or collecting machine, and depends on your convenience when it comes to lifting, storing, or stacking on a trailer. When choosing a baler, consider the shape, size, and optional wrapper, as well as:

  1. Balers with a wrapper cannot create unwrapped bales
  2. Balers for rectangular bales do not have wrappers and must be wrapped using an external machine

  1. Some balers, like the one in the photo above, have an extra bale holder, which speeds up work by allowing for continuous baling without stopping to unload. You can also stack two bales at once in one place, making it easier to collect them.

Fun fact – BioBaler is a new feature in FS22, used for collecting poplar.

Loading Bales onto Trailers

FS22 has machines for lifting and stacking bales automatically to create stacks that are easy to load. However, you can use a front loader and a trailer for bales (or even a low loader) if you have a lot of them. Other loaders also have forks for bales. Keep in mind that large bales can be very heavy, so you may need to add extra weight to the rear of the tractor.

Sometimes bales can tip over, making it difficult for some loaders to put them back. Therefore, using forks instead of rollers is a more convenient option.

Remember to choose the bale size in the machine options, and when purchasing a wrapper or automatic loader, pay attention to the size and shape of the supported bales.

The operation of forage wagons for bales is quite simple – the machine has a designated area where the bales are placed, and the grapple loads and stacks them neatly, which can be unloaded at any desired location. The stacking capacity varies with different models.

Front loaders come equipped with tall forks which are ideal for lifting and loading bales collected by forage wagons. This ensures the stack remains stable while being loaded.

You do not require specialized trailers to transport bales. Standard trailer models can be modified into flat trailers to accommodate both bales and pallets, eliminating the need for purchasing specialized equipment.

How to Wrap Bales – Creating Silage

In order to create silage, grass bales (not hay) must be wrapped in foil using a special machine called a wrapper.

  1. More expensive bale machines have an automatic wrapping function which cannot be turned off, and these balers are used only for silage bales.
  2. When purchasing a wrapper, ensure that it is compatible with the type and size of bales you are working with.
  3. Wrapped bales do not immediately turn into silage – it takes time. The progress can be monitored in the lower right corner when approaching a bale (1-2 months).
  4. Silage bales, as well as unwrapped bales, can be loaded and transported using machines such as forage wagons and collectors.

Prisms are also used to produce silage, but this is a large-scale solution mainly used by large cow farms or those who wish to sell them en masse to a biogas plant.


What is bailing in Farming Simulator 22?

Bailing is the process of collecting and bundling crops such as hay and straw into compact bales using specialized equipment. In Farming Simulator 22, bailing is an essential part of the game, as it allows you to store and sell your crops more efficiently. Bales can also be used for animal feed or bedding. There are different types of bales, including round bales, square bales, and large square bales, and each requires specific equipment to create.

What equipment do I need for bailing in Farming Simulator 22?

To create bales in Farming Simulator 22, you will need specialized equipment such as a baler, bale wrapper, and bale stacker. The type of equipment you need will depend on the type of bale you want to create. For example, round bales require a round baler, while square bales require a square baler. Large square bales require a bale wrapper and bale stacker. It’s important to choose the right equipment for your needs, as each type of baler has different features and capacities.

What are some tips for bailing in Farming Simulator 22?

Here are some tips to help you get started with bailing in Farming Simulator 22:

  • Choose the right equipment for your needs and budget
  • Make sure your fields are flat and free of obstacles
  • Monitor your bale capacity and empty your baler or wrapper regularly
  • Store your bales in a dry and sheltered location to prevent spoilage
  • Consider selling your bales at a higher price during times of high demand

What are the benefits of bailing in Farming Simulator 22?

Bailing in Farming Simulator 22 offers several benefits, including:

  • Efficient storage and transport of crops
  • Ability to sell crops at a higher price in bale form
  • Use of bales for animal feed or bedding
  • Increased realism and immersion in the farming experience

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