To The Mattresses

How to start: Upon completing Railroad’s faction main plot (The Nuclear Option quest), Desdemona will give you this quest. However, it may not be given to you during your first visit to the Railroad H.Q (M6,2) after meeting the condition.

The Patriot lying in the HQ will signal that you can begin the quest.

The quest consists of six parts. After finishing the main plot, return to the Railroad H.Q. If you see Patriot in the middle of the room, Desdemona will give you mission objectives.

One of the targets will be located at the top of a building, in a place that is inaccessible. You must either use a rocket launcher or shoot them down when they are visible.

Each objective involves eliminating one of the gang leaders, who are usually surrounded by thugs. While not all of them are easily accessible, you can often take them out from a distance using a sniper rifle. Killing their backup isn’t necessary.

Quest rewards: 100-300 bottlecaps, and occasionally a random weapon or armor part.


1. What does “to the mattresses” mean?

“To the mattresses” is a phrase that originated in the Mafia and means to prepare for war or to go to battle. The phrase comes from the practice of Italian families hiding weapons and guns in their mattresses during times of conflict. Nowadays, the phrase is used more generally to mean getting ready for a fight or taking a strong stance on a particular issue.

2. Where did the phrase “to the mattresses” come from?

The phrase “to the mattresses” has its origins in the Mafia and the practice of hiding weapons and guns in mattresses during times of conflict. The idea was that if the police came to search a person’s home, they would not find any weapons as they would be hidden in the mattresses. The phrase has since evolved to mean getting ready for a fight or taking a strong stance on a particular issue.

3. When is it appropriate to use the phrase “to the mattresses”?

The phrase “to the mattresses” is appropriate to use when you want to convey that you are prepared for battle or that you are taking a strong stance on a particular issue. For example, if you are negotiating a business deal and the other party is being difficult, you might say “I’m ready to go to the mattresses on this one” to indicate that you are prepared to fight for what you want.

4. Is the phrase “to the mattresses” still used today?

Yes, the phrase “to the mattresses” is still used today, although it is not as commonly used as it once was. It is often used in movies and television shows to convey a sense of impending conflict or to show that a character is taking a strong stance on a particular issue. It is also used in everyday speech by people who are familiar with the phrase and its origins.

5. Are there any other phrases similar to “to the mattresses”?

Yes, there are several other phrases that are similar to “to the mattresses” and convey a sense of preparing for battle or taking a strong stance on a particular issue. These include “gird your loins,” “brace yourself,” and “batten down the hatches.” Each of these phrases is used in different contexts but conveys a similar meaning to “to the mattresses.”

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