Tour of Duty

How to unlock: Speak to Paladin Danse on the Prydwen (M7,2) after finishing Shadow of Steel.


  • Meet Proctor Ingram
  • Meet Proctor Teagan
  • Meet Proctor Quinlan
  • Meet Knight-Captain Cade

Meeting Proctor Ingram

As a new knight of the Brotherhood of Steel, you must meet your team members. First, go to the workshop where you will find Ingram and power armor stations [1]. Ingram will inform you that your T-60b power armor is in dock 3.

Meeting Proctor Teagan

Teagan, the Quartermaster, is located at the northern end of the ship [2]. You can buy equipment from him and get side quests to earn some caps.

Meeting Proctor Quinland

Your next goal is to speak with Proctor Quinland [3]. After your conversation, you will receive a quest to find tapes with people’s memoirs scattered throughout the game world.

Meeting Knight-Captain Cade

The last person you need to visit is Cade [4]. He will examine you, but your answers will not influence the conversation. After the conversation, the quest will be completed.

Reward for completing the quest: experience.


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2. How long is a Tour of Duty?

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3. What are the requirements for a Tour of Duty?

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4. What are the benefits of completing a Tour of Duty?

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5. What are the challenges of a Tour of Duty?

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