Traveling with Companions

In Fallout 4, you have the option to travel with up to thirteen different characters to help you navigate the post-apocalyptic wasteland. It’s important to note that you can only have one companion with you at a time, and the others will wait for their turn in their assigned locations.

You can choose to stick with one companion throughout the game or switch them up depending on your needs. Each companion has their own unique abilities and strengths, which you can unlock as you build better relationships with them. For example, you might want a companion who is good in battles for a quest that involves a lot of fighting, or an ally who can help you in conversations with NPCs for a more dialogue-heavy quest.

You can give orders to your companions or let them take care of themselves. You can also give them items to carry, which can lighten your load. Building good relationships with your companions is important, as it unlocks access to new perks related to them. Each companion has a unique perk that becomes active as long as they are with you.

It’s even possible to start a romance with some companions, though this requires building a strong relationship first. However, if your relationship takes a turn for the worse, a companion may choose to leave you.

Selected companions also have optional quests that become available as you build your relationship with them. Our guide with game walkthroughs has more information on these quests.


What are companions?

Companions are individuals or animals that accompany someone as a friend or partner. They provide emotional support, help with tasks, and offer companionship. Companions can be humans, pets, or even robots.

What are the benefits of having a companion?

Having a companion can bring many benefits, including reducing loneliness and depression, providing a sense of purpose, and promoting physical activity. Companions can also improve social skills and provide a sense of security and safety.

What are some popular types of companions?

There are many types of companions, including therapy animals, service dogs, and emotional support animals. Other popular types of companions include friends, family members, and romantic partners. Many people also choose to have virtual companions, such as online friends or chatbots.

How can I find a companion?

There are many ways to find a companion, depending on your preferences and needs. Some people adopt pets from animal shelters or rescue organizations. Others seek out therapy animals or service dogs through professional organizations. You can also meet potential companions through social activities, such as clubs or volunteering. Additionally, there are online resources for finding virtual companions, such as chat rooms or social media groups.

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