Troubled Waters (Graygarden)

How to initiate the quest: Speak with Supervisor White at Graygarden (M4,1)


  • Investigate the Water Treatment Plant
  • Drain the flooded Water Treatment Plant
  • Restart the main pump
  • Return to Supervisor White

Investigate the Water Treatment Plant

Supervisor White at Graygarden assigns you the task of investigating the water problem at the greenhouse. Travel to Weston Water Treatment Plant, situated south of your present location. Beware of the heavily guarded super mutants. Head towards the main building, locate the elevator, and use it. Your next objective is to locate the pumping station. Move downstairs, and turn left. The objective will update once you enter the room.

Pump the water out of the plant

You must activate four pumps to drain the water from the building. Each pump will lower the water level and reveal new passages and corridors. Every time you activate a switch, a group of mirelurks will emerge. You can find the first switch in the room you are currently in [1]. The second pump is situated on the opposite side of the building [2]. Follow the ramps to reach it. After activating the second switch, the water level will decrease enough for you to view the third switch [3]. Move towards it and activate it. The fourth switch [4] is located directly in front of you. To get to it, jump into the water and pass through the partially flooded door. The console is located on the first floor.

Restart the main pump

You can access the console that controls the flow of water by draining all the water from the room. Your only task is to activate the switch [5].

Return to Supervisor White

Your final objective is to return to Supervisor White. To do so, use the elevator located in the room next to the switch. Travel to Graygarden and speak with Supervisor White. As a reward, you will receive vegetables, bottlecaps, and access to a workshop. You will also be able to convert the greenhouse into a settlement.

Rewards for completing the quest: bottlecaps, vegetables, access to a workshop.


What is Troubled Waters in Graygarden?

Troubled Waters is a side quest in Fallout 4 that takes place in Graygarden, a settlement inhabited by robots. The quest involves helping the robots repair their water purifier, which has been clogged by mirelurk eggs. The player character must first retrieve a set of specialized tools from a nearby location and then use them to repair the purifier. During the quest, the player may encounter hostile mirelurks and must defend themselves from their attacks. Upon successful completion of the quest, the player will receive rewards and gratitude from the robots of Graygarden.

How do you start Troubled Waters in Graygarden?

To start Troubled Waters, the player must first have visited Graygarden and spoken with supervisor White. White will inform the player that the settlement is experiencing issues with their water purifier and ask for assistance in resolving the problem. The quest can also be triggered by simply discovering the location of Graygarden and exploring the settlement. Once the quest is active, the player can begin by retrieving the tools needed to repair the purifier.

What are the rewards for completing Troubled Waters in Graygarden?

Upon successful completion of Troubled Waters, the player will receive experience points and caps as a reward. Additionally, the robots of Graygarden will express their gratitude and offer to trade with the player. They will also provide the player with crops and purified water, which can be used to heal and sustain the player character. Completing Troubled Waters may also lead to additional quests and opportunities to interact with the robots of Graygarden.

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