Types of Locations in the Game World

There are many cities and villages in the game world where you can trade and begin new quests.

The locations in Fallout 4 have varying degrees of importance and offer a range of attractions. Below is a list of the most significant types of locations. More detailed descriptions of the various areas of the world can be found in our separate guide – the world atlas.

  • Cities and Villages with Friendly Characters – Diamond City and Goodneighbor are examples of locations in this group. Each of these places has a few dozen NPCs with whom you can trade and complete additional quests. Many of these locations are visited during the main story or during faction quests.
  • Cities and Villages with Enemy Characters – Lexington or Cambridge are examples of locations in this group. They can be partially or completely occupied by enemies or monsters (such as ghouls). However, you can still find friendly or neutral NPCs here.
  • Settlements – The first settlement you can unlock in the game is Sanctuary. You must unlock other settlements on your own. In each location, there are a few dozen settlers who can start living there. Your task is to provide them with a good living environment so that different settlements can function correctly and develop further. More information about settlements can be found in a separate chapter of the guide.
  • Vaults – The first vault you visit is Vault 111. Other vaults can be found in different parts of the world map. Some of them, like Vault 81 in the central part of the world map, are inhabited by friendly characters, while others are abandoned or occupied by monsters. Each of them has some valuable treasures.
  • Faction Headquarters – Each of the four factions in the game world has its headquarters. Depending on the faction type, the headquarters can be predetermined or change as you progress in the game. For instance, the Minutemen faction resides in the Museum of Freedom in Concord city at first, and later in the campaign moves to Sanctuary and then to Castle.
  • Schools – Most schools visited in the game have bandits or monsters. The buildings may contain various treasures, but the most common category of commodities found inside is overdue books. You can trade these books for various goods by returning them to the correct terminals (such as the Boston Public Library), and you can obtain a unique Massachusetts Surgical Journal, among other items.


What are the different location types in the game world?

In the game world, there are various types of locations where players can explore and interact with the environment. These include towns, cities, dungeons, forests, mountains, beaches, and more. Each location type provides unique challenges and opportunities for players to engage with the game.

How do location types affect gameplay?

Location types can have a significant impact on gameplay. For example, a city location may offer more opportunities for social interaction and quests, while a dungeon location may be focused on combat and exploration. Additionally, different location types may require different strategies and equipment to navigate successfully. Players may need to consider factors such as weather, terrain, and local resources when exploring different location types.

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