Vault 75 (Malden Middle School)

How to access: To enter Vault 75, located in the basement of Malden Middle School (M2,4).


  • Locate Lab Access Card
  • Gain entry to Laboratory Area
  • Find Admin Access Card
  • Enter Admin Area
  • Explore Admin Area

Locate Lab Access Card

Entrance to the ruins of the school – and to the Vault 75

Upon entering Malden Middle School, proceed to the door behind the bars leading to the basement. You will encounter a group of shooters and turrets, and the quest will begin here.

Run to the elevator ahead and descend to the lower floor, where you will face another group of opponents. Continue through the main corridor until you reach a large dining room. Be cautious as enemies are waiting for you on the balconies.

The dummy building. Inside you will find the leader with the card

After clearing the dining room, head to the northwestern part of the ground floor, to the locker room. Walk through the door and head to the end of the corridor. Turn left and use the stairs. Turn left once more, and you will see a model of the city. Enter the building ahead and walk to the first floor – the enemy you will face there will have the laboratory access card.

Find Admin Access Card

Door to overseer’s office – you need second card to open it

Return upstairs and open the previously closed door on the left. Turn right behind the door, into the “overseer” room. However, a second card is required to enter.

The Science Bobblehead. It can be found in the room at the end of the corridor ahead of the stairs to the overseer

Turn left behind the door and head to the end of the corridor. Enter the small room ahead. Under the window on the desk, you will find the Science Bobblehead, which grants an additional attempt when hacking terminals. One of the bandits in this room will have the overseer’s access card. Return to the closed door and use the card.

The overseer’s computer – the main objective of the quest. It will also open the door to the warehouse

In the “overseer” room, you will find the Grognak the Barbarian magazine, as well as the strongest raiders. The door to the room containing the magazine can be opened using the terminal in the office. Checking the terminal is also the main objective of the quest, and upon completion, the task will end.

Quest rewards: Experience points


1. What is Vault 75 (Malden Middle School)?

Vault 75 is a vault located in the Malden Middle School in the Commonwealth in Fallout 4. It was designed to house and protect the children of the affluent and talented families of the Commonwealth, but it was actually used as a secret laboratory to conduct experiments on the children.

2. What kind of experiments were conducted in Vault 75?

The experiments conducted in Vault 75 were aimed at creating supersoldiers. The children were put through rigorous physical and mental training, and those who showed the most promise were selected for further genetic enhancements. The scientists in the vault also experimented with various drugs and chemicals to enhance the children’s abilities.

3. What can the player find in Vault 75?

Players who explore Vault 75 can find a variety of useful items, including weapons, ammunition, and armor. They can also find clues and notes left behind by the scientists and staff of the vault, which reveal the true nature of the experiments and the fate of the children. Additionally, there are several locked rooms and areas that can only be accessed by finding keycards or hacking terminals, which contain even more valuable loot and information.

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