When Freedom Calls

How to start: The quest will begin automatically near the Museum of Freedom (M1,2) after completing the Out of Time main quest.


  • Enter the museum
  • (Optional) Collect the laser musket
  • Find the settlers in captivity
  • Talk to Preston Garvey
  • Get the fusion core
  • Install the fusion core in the power armor
  • Wear the power armor
  • Use the rotating turret
  • Eliminate all enemies in Concord
  • Go to Preston
  • Join Preston Garvey in Sanctuary

Securing the museum

You can either unlock the gate or take a detour

The quest starts near the Museum of Freedom in Concord. Look for a short laser musket in front of the museum. Collect it to complete an optional quest objective (collect ammo for this gun from a nearby Minuteman corpse) and then enter the museum through the main door.

Start exploring the main floor of the museum – you can unlock a gate with an advanced lock (requires Locksmith perk and a bobby pin) or take a detour through the rooms on the right. Be prepared to face new raiders. Some of them will be on this floor and some will be on the upper floor (it’s recommended to use the rifle you’ve collected not long ago).

Meet Preston Garvey and the other Minutemen

Go upstairs and keep eliminating all the new raiders you encounter. Follow the only path leading to the room where the settlers have barricaded themselves. Talk to Preston Garvey and then to Sturges. You’ll learn about an inactive power armor on the museum’s roof which you can use to deal with the remaining raiders.

Important – There’s a bobblehead in the room with the settlers. Collect it to permanently increase your Perception.

Finding a fusion core

Hack the terminal in the basement

Retrace your steps and stop near a destroyed part of the floor. Jump down to the basement area and find a locked gate. There’s a computer terminal next to it and you must interact with it. Solve a simple mini-game to open the gate, enter a small room and collect the fusion core.

Alternative solution: If you have at least one bobby pin in your inventory and you don’t want to hack the terminal, you can try unlocking the gate. Save your game before attempting this, because you may lose your bobby pins if you fail to open the lock.

Using the Power Armor

To activate the power armor, collect a minigun from the crashed airship. After returning to the Minutemen room, proceed to the door on your left to continue exploring the museum. Reach the museum’s roof through the door and place the fusion core inside the inactive T-45 power armor. Get inside the power armor and head to the crashed vertibird to pick up a vertibird minigun. Jump down from the edge of the roof and start attacking new raiders led by Gristle using the newly acquired minigun.

When a deathclaw comes out of the ground near one of the street junctions, ignore the remaining raiders and focus on attacking the deathclaw. Keep firing without any interruptions and prevent the monster from getting too close. Move back when you need to reload the minigun and then resume the attacks. Use other weapons to weaken the deathclaw, but the minigun should be enough to kill the monster. Finish off the remaining raiders to end the battle.

Completing the Quest

After exiting the power armor, talk to Preston Garvey and Mama Murphy in the main room of the Museum of Freedom to find out that the Minutemen will head back to Sanctuary. You will unlock a new main quest (Jewel of the Commonwealth). If you wish to continue the cooperation with the Minutemen faction, complete this quest first. Use fast travel or return to Sanctuary on foot with the Minutemen. Once the new allies are all in Sanctuary, find Preston Garvey and talk to him again. You will be asked to provide help in rebuilding the settlement (major quest Sanctuary) and in assisting another group of settlers (minor quest The First Step). These will be the first of many side quests you can perform for the Minutemen faction. If you plan to cooperate with one of the other three factions (Brotherhood of Steel, Railroad or Institute), you can stop completing this quest once you unlock the Jewel of the Commonwealth main quest.

Quest rewards: Experience points, new main quest (Jewel of the Commonwealth), new Minutemen quest (Sanctuary), new Minutemen quest (The First Step).


1. What does “When Freedom Calls” mean?

“When Freedom Calls” is a phrase that implies a call to action or a reminder to stand up for one’s beliefs and values. It is often used to describe moments in history where people have fought for their freedom, such as during the American Revolution or the Civil Rights Movement. It can also be applied to personal situations, such as standing up to a bully or speaking out against injustice. Essentially, “When Freedom Calls” means that it is time to take action and fight for what is right.

2. How can we answer “When Freedom Calls”?

Answering “When Freedom Calls” requires bravery and a willingness to stand up for what is right. It may involve speaking out against injustice, taking part in a protest, or even putting oneself in harm’s way to protect others. Answering “When Freedom Calls” also means being informed and educated about the issues at hand, so that one can make a meaningful contribution to the cause. It is important to remember that answering “When Freedom Calls” is not always easy, but it is necessary for creating positive change.

3. Why is it important to answer “When Freedom Calls”?

Answering “When Freedom Calls” is important because it allows us to defend our values and protect our rights. When we hear the call to action, it is our duty as citizens to stand up against tyranny, oppression, and injustice. Answering “When Freedom Calls” also helps to create a better world for future generations, by ensuring that they have the same freedoms and opportunities that we enjoy today. Finally, answering “When Freedom Calls” is important because it gives us a sense of purpose and meaning in our lives, as we work towards creating a more just and equitable society.

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