Where to Find Measurehead in Disco Elysium

On this page of the Disco Elysium guide, you will discover the location of Measurehead, one of the primary NPCs.

Measurehead is a character you may encounter while playing Disco Elysium. He is a member of the Dockworker’s Union and stands guard at the door to the office. Measurehead can be helpful, particularly when undertaking the Getting the Body Down quest.

Locating Measurehead

Head towards the Frittte kiosk and observe the ongoing protests. On the left side, in the area indicated in the image above, you’ll find the entrance to the port’s upper level.

Once you arrive at the upper level, turn right and proceed. Eventually, you’ll come across Measurehead and be able to engage him in conversation.


1. Where can I find Measurehead in Disco Elysium?

In Disco Elysium, Measurehead can be found at the Union of Moribund Alcoholics building located in the Jamrock Quarter of Martinaise. He is usually stationed at the entrance of the building, guarding it and making sure no one enters without permission. To gain access to the building, you’ll need to speak with Measurehead and convince him to let you in.

2. How do I convince Measurehead to let me into the Union of Moribund Alcoholics building?

Measurehead has a strong belief in the purity and superiority of the “Aryan race”, so appealing to his racist ideals can help you gain entry. Alternatively, you can try to use your authority as a police officer to persuade him. You may also need to complete certain tasks or quests before he allows you to enter.

3. What role does Measurehead play in the game?

Measurehead is a minor character in Disco Elysium, but he plays an important role in the story. He is a member of the Union of Moribund Alcoholics and acts as a gatekeeper, preventing unauthorized entry into the building. He also has valuable information about the murder case that you, as the player, are trying to solve.

4. Are there any consequences to my interactions with Measurehead?

Yes, there can be consequences to your interactions with Measurehead. Depending on how you approach him and what you say, you may gain or lose points with other characters in the game. Additionally, your choices may affect the outcome of the murder case and the overall story of Disco Elysium. It’s important to carefully consider your actions and words when interacting with Measurehead and other characters in the game.

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