WRVR Broadcast Station

WRVR Broadcast Station is a functioning radio station that is relatively small. When you enter, you will encounter two individuals who offer the Curtain Call quest, which involves rescuing their companion from super mutants. In the largest room, there is a Live & Love magazine on the table for you to discover.


1. What is WRVR Broadcast Station?

WRVR Broadcast Station is a radio station located in Memphis, Tennessee. It was established in 1947 and has since then been a hub of entertainment and information for the local community.

2. What kind of programs does WRVR Broadcast Station air?

WRVR Broadcast Station airs a variety of programs catering to different interests and age groups. These include news updates, sports coverage, talk shows, music programs, and religious broadcasts.

3. How can I listen to WRVR Broadcast Station?

You can listen to WRVR Broadcast Station on your radio if you are in the Memphis area. Alternatively, you can also listen to it online through its official website or through radio streaming apps.

4. Can I get involved with WRVR Broadcast Station as a volunteer?

Yes, you can! WRVR Broadcast Station welcomes volunteers who are interested in contributing to the station’s programs and events. You can contact the station’s management for more information on volunteer opportunities.

5. Is WRVR Broadcast Station affiliated with any organizations or networks?

Yes, WRVR Broadcast Station is a part of the Salem Media Group, which is a leading multimedia company with a focus on Christian and family-themed content. It is also affiliated with the Memphis Grizzlies Radio Network, which broadcasts live coverage of the Memphis Grizzlies basketball games.

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