Complete List of Substories and Walkthrough for Like a Dragon Ishin

This guide provides a summary of all 72 side quest Substories in Like a Dragon Ishin and offers tips on how to track your progress and find new Substories easily.

Our walkthrough for Like a Dragon Ishin includes a list of all 72 Substories with details on which districts they start in. We also provide information on how to track your progress and locate new Substories more efficiently.

  • List of all Substories
  • Tips for tracking progress and finding Substories

List of all Substories

Like a Dragon Ishin features 72 Substories that are divided according to the districts of Kyo in which they begin:

  1. Fushimi – This district has the most Substories, with 22 to complete.
  2. Rakugai – This district has 12 Substories.
  3. Rakunai – This district offers 19 Substories.
  4. Gion – This smaller district has 4 Substories that become available in chapter 3.
  5. Mukurogai – This bandit district features 8 Substories.
  6. Mibu and others – This category includes 7 Substories from the Other tab in the journal, such as Mibu, the farm, and Kiyomizu Temple.

Tips for tracking progress and finding Substories

You can check your progress in the Pause Menu under the Substories tab. Undiscovered Substories are marked with question marks, and a check mark next to a mission title means it has been completed 100% (some Substories have multiple parts).

The game does not show icons for unlockable Substories by default, so you must find them yourself. However, completing Substory #63 in Mibu – The Boy Who Cried Bear – unlocks the Inviting Hat gear item, which marks available Substories on the map with an exclamation mark icon.


FAQ: Like a Dragon Ishin Substories

1. How many substories are there in Like a Dragon Ishin?

Like a Dragon Ishin, the latest installment in the Yakuza game series, features a total of 52 substories. These are side missions that players can undertake while playing through the main story campaign. Each substory offers unique challenges and rewards, ranging from new items and equipment to valuable experience points for leveling up your character’s skills.

2. Is there a walkthrough available for Like a Dragon Ishin’s substories?

Yes, there are many guides and walkthroughs available online for Like a Dragon Ishin’s substories. These range from written guides to video tutorials, and can be found on various gaming websites and forums. Some of the more popular guides include detailed maps and step-by-step instructions for completing each substory, as well as tips and tricks for maximizing rewards and minimizing difficulty. Whether you’re a seasoned Yakuza player or new to the series, these guides can be a valuable resource for getting the most out of Like a Dragon Ishin’s substories.

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