Cult of the Lamb: Types of Arms

In Cult of the Lamb, players can choose from five different types of arms, each with its own unique upgrades and special effects. Our game guide provides an in-depth description of each weapon type and tips on how to unlock new variants.

This guide section contains information on the weapons you can use to combat your enemies during your crusades. We explain the different types of arms available and their special abilities, as well as offer suggestions on how to unlock better weapon variants.

  • Types of Arms
  • Weapon Variants and Levels

Types of Arms

Throughout the game, you can choose from five different types of arms, each with its own unique damage capabilities and attack speeds. You’ll be given a random weapon at the start of each crusade, but as you progress, you may have the opportunity to purchase or acquire a different type of weapon.

The available types of arms are:

  1. Axes – have a long range and deal high damage, but have a slow attack speed. They work best against groups of enemies.
  2. Swords – deal moderate damage and have a moderate attack speed. This is the first weapon you encounter in the game.
  3. Daggers – deal minimal damage, but allow for rapid attacks. When combined with additional effects such as poison, they can cause significant damage to enemy ranks.
  4. Hammers – have a slow attack speed but deal high damage. Using them requires skill, good aim, timing, and understanding of the enemy’s tactics.
  5. Gauntlets – are slower than swords but deal more damage. You can also combo them to make each subsequent hit more devastating.

Weapon Variants and Levels

When your character collects enough Faith points from preaching a Sermon in the Temple, you can unlock new weapon variants that add special effects to your attacks.

  1. Bane Weapons – add a chance to poison enemies on hit. Poison slowly drains the opponent’s health over time. This works well when fighting weaker but more numerous enemies and compliments daggers.
  2. Zealous Weapons – give you Divine Inspiration points when you regenerate your Fervor gauge.
  3. Necromantic Weapons – after killing an enemy with this weapon variant, a ghost may appear on the screen and deal damage to the closest enemy.
  4. Merciless Weapons – attacks made with these weapons have a chance to deal critical damage to enemies. They are particularly useful when fighting bosses, especially with the Merciless Hammer.
  5. Godly Weapons – this variant is rare but significantly increases the damage of a given weapon compared to the basic version. If you have this weapon variant, make sure to use it.

You can increase the levels of weapons that appear during your crusades by purchasing the Might of the Devout upgrades. You can do this in the upgrade screen after leveling up Faith or unlocking new weapon variants.


What types of weapons are available in Cult of the Lamb?

In Cult of the Lamb, players can choose from a variety of weapons to take down their enemies. These include swords, axes, hammers, bows, and magic spells. Each weapon has its own unique characteristics, allowing players to tailor their gameplay style to their preferences. For example, swords are great for close combat, while bows are better for ranged attacks. Magic spells can be used to stun enemies or deal massive damage. Players can also upgrade their weapons as they progress through the game, making them even more powerful.

How do weapon upgrades work in Cult of the Lamb?

As players progress through Cult of the Lamb, they will earn currency that can be used to upgrade their weapons. These upgrades can increase the damage dealt, improve the weapon’s speed, or add special effects such as poison or fire damage. Players can also unlock new abilities for their weapons, such as a powerful charge attack or the ability to ricochet off walls. Upgrades can be purchased at various shops throughout the game world, or earned by completing certain quests or defeating powerful bosses.

Can players customize their weapons in Cult of the Lamb?

Yes, players can customize their weapons in Cult of the Lamb by equipping different attachments. These attachments can change the weapon’s appearance, as well as its stats and abilities. For example, a sword might have a hilt that increases its damage, or a bow might have a sight that improves its accuracy. Players can also customize their weapons with special skins, which can be earned by completing certain challenges or purchased with in-game currency. These skins can give weapons a unique look, such as a fiery sword or a bow made of bones.

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