Defeating the World Boss Chuo in Lost Ark’s Anikka Continent

Learn how to defeat the challenging World Boss Chuo, one of the two bosses on the Anikka continent, in this guide to Lost Ark. Discover where to find Chuo in the Twilight Mists location and how to successfully fight him.

  • Where to find Chuo?
  • How to fight Chuo?

Where to find Chuo?

Chuo is located in the Twilight Mists, the last location on the Anikka continent. To get there, head east and then south from the Triport at Cloud Valley.

How to fight Chuo?

Chuo is a challenging boss with powerful attacks, but you can make your fight easier by staying close to his tail. Aside from two AoE attacks, all of Chuo’s other attacks go forward. Here are his other attack patterns:

  1. Charge forward – changes position,
  2. Forward stomp – a slow, medium-strength attack to the front,
  3. Swing – a three-part attack from the front that pulls up boulders from the ground – very dangerous.
  4. Breath – like a dragon, Chuo breathes fire, both for short and long distance. This is a good moment for performing a longer attack or one that you need to prepare for first.
  5. Zone attack – the arena lights up with areas that will explode in a moment,
  6. Zone – like Rudric, Chuo creates a ring-shaped zone around himself. When you’re inside, you will take damage and receive the Fear status, which will freeze you in place for 3 seconds. The zone has 3 stages as the ring expands, but you can run away from it towards the boss.

Be aware of your surroundings as there are several spawn points for smaller monsters in the area.


1. What is Chuo in Lost Ark and why is it important?

Chuo is a boss in Lost Ark that is known for its challenging gameplay and rewards. Defeating Chuo can give players rare items, experience points, and more. It is also part of a questline that players can complete to progress through the game.

2. What are the recommended strategies for defeating Chuo in Lost Ark?

There are several strategies that players can use to defeat Chuo in Lost Ark. One of the most effective is to focus on dealing damage to its weak spots, which are located on its head and back. Players can also use abilities that can stun or knock down Chuo to give themselves an opening to deal more damage. It is also important to avoid its attacks and keep moving to avoid getting hit.

3. What are some tips for players who are struggling to defeat Chuo in Lost Ark?

If players are having difficulty defeating Chuo in Lost Ark, there are several tips that can help. One is to make sure that they have leveled up their character and equipment to the appropriate level. Players can also try using different abilities and strategies to find the one that works best for them. It may also be helpful to team up with other players to take down Chuo together.

4. What are the rewards for defeating Chuo in Lost Ark?

Players who successfully defeat Chuo in Lost Ark can receive a variety of rewards, including rare items, experience points, and currency. They may also unlock new areas and quests in the game. It is important to note that the rewards for defeating Chuo can vary depending on a player’s level and the difficulty of the fight.

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