Developing Your Character in The Ascent

This page will provide a comprehensive guide to character development in The Ascent, including tips on how to advance your hero, the use of modules, and the best skills for beginners.

Character development is crucial in The Ascent as it enables players to defeat stronger enemies and progress through different locations. In this guide, we cover all aspects of improving your hero by suggesting ways to earn skill points, explaining the purpose of each skill, and recommending the best skills for beginners. We have also included information about modules that provide passive bonuses.

  • Leveling up and earning skill points
  • Description of all skills
  • Best skills for beginners
  • Using modules

Leveling up and earning skill points

Leveling up in The Ascent is similar to most other games. Players earn experience points by killing enemies and completing missions, and once they reach the required amount, they receive the next level and three skill points.

Skill points can also be found in the game world, scattered across different locations – some of which do not have any opponents. It is essential to explore all the places you visit carefully and look at the minimap, where valuable items, including skill points, are marked with a chest icon.

Description of all skills

A total of eight different skills are available in The Ascent, each affecting health levels or weapon reloading speed. Additionally, each skill belongs to a specific attribute that affects the augmentations.

The Ascent game has various skills that players can develop to improve their character’s abilities. Tactical Sense is useful for those who rely heavily on tactical weapons, as it determines the amount of tactical charge received for dealing damage. Critical Hit Rate increases the chance of a critical hit, resulting in more damage, making it helpful for any character type. Weapon Handling determines the speed of reloading and changing weapons, which can save lives in a fight against large groups of enemies. Aiming reduces the spread of weapons, increasing the percentage of hitting the target, reducing the number of missed shots. Balance determines the resistance to stun, knockback, and stagger, and is also responsible for the movement speed while shooting. Evasion determines the dodge cooldown, allowing you to escape from enemies, avoid some of the shots, and move faster on the map. Vital Signs determines the maximum level of health, while Body Battery determines the maximum amount of energy used for augmentations.

The attributes mentioned affect the augmentations slots, such as Cybernetics attribute affecting the Spiderbots augmentation and the Motorics attribute increasing the damage of Hydraulic Slam. Vital Signs is the best skill for beginners as it increases the chance of surviving the game. Developing Critical Hit Rate quickly is also recommended as it affects the character’s damage. Later, Weapon Handling and Aiming can be developed for faster reloading and increased effectiveness of hits.

In addition to developing skills, players can also improve their character by using augmentations, which provide passive bonuses. These can be obtained while exploring the world or purchased from the trader with the blue DNA icon found in any friendly location. The Augmentations window shows which Attribute affects them, and two augmentations can be used at a time.


What is character development in The Ascent?

Character development in The Ascent refers to the process of growth and change that the player’s character undergoes throughout the game. As the player progresses through the game’s storyline and completes quests and missions, their character gains experience points, new abilities, and upgrades to their equipment. These upgrades may include new weapons, armor, and cybernetic enhancements that improve the character’s physical abilities, such as strength, speed, and agility.

How does character development impact gameplay in The Ascent?

Character development is a crucial aspect of gameplay in The Ascent, as it directly affects the player’s abilities and success in combat. As the player’s character becomes more powerful and gains new abilities and equipment, they are better equipped to take on tougher enemies and complete more challenging missions and quests. Additionally, character development allows the player to customize their character to suit their playstyle, whether that be focusing on long-range combat, close-quarters combat, or a combination of both. Ultimately, character development plays a key role in the player’s overall experience of The Ascent, as it allows them to feel a sense of progression and growth throughout the game.

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