Forspoken: Duration of the Game

On this page of the guide, you will get to know the duration of the game Forspoken. You will learn how long it takes to complete the main storyline and also to finish the game at 100%.

This page of the guide provides information on the playtime of Forspoken.

  • Main Storyline
  • Side Activities

Main Storyline

You can finish the main storyline of Forspoken in around 15 hours on a lower difficulty level. However, the actual playtime depends on how you handle each fight, how much time you spend on additional activities, and whether you take part in extra fights. Increasing the difficulty level will significantly affect the time required to complete the game.

Side Activities

If you want to explore Athia completely, including the main story and side missions, max out your character, and uncover additional content in Forspoken, you should expect to play for 30 to 40 hours.


What is the expected game length for Forspoken?

Forspoken is an upcoming action role-playing game that is being developed by Luminous Productions. According to the developers, the game is expected to have a playtime of approximately 20-30 hours. However, this is just an estimated time, and it may vary depending on how players choose to play the game. Players who like to complete all the side quests and explore every corner of the game’s open world may end up spending more time playing the game than those who focus solely on the main story.

Will there be any post-game content in Forspoken?

As of now, there is no information regarding any post-game content for Forspoken. However, the developers have stated that the game will have a lot of replay value, thanks to its open-world structure and the ability to customize the protagonist’s abilities and equipment. Players will also be able to make different choices throughout the game that will affect the story’s outcome, giving them a reason to replay the game to see how things could have turned out differently.

Can players expect any DLC or expansions for Forspoken in the future?

As of now, there is no information regarding any DLC or expansions for Forspoken. However, considering the game’s open-world structure and the potential for more story content, it is not impossible for the developers to release additional content in the future. Many modern games release DLC and expansions post-launch to keep players engaged and interested in the game, so it would not be surprising if Forspoken follows this trend.

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