Gloomwood: Managing Inventory and Journal – Item Organization

When playing Gloomwood, you will frequently need to manage your inventory. This includes picking up, combining, and discarding items in order to make space. This guide will teach you how to effectively manage your inventory and use the separate Journal window.

  • Inventory – Unlocking the Luggage Case
  • Using the Inventory with Limited Space
  • Journal

Inventory – Unlocking the Luggage Case

When you start the game, you cannot access your inventory right away. However, you will soon come across a Luggage Case that unlocks your inventory. Here’s how it works:

  1. Press the TAB key to open the main inventory window with item slots.
  2. Press the SHIFT key to switch to the gear slots tab, where you can equip weapons and clothing items.

Note that you need enough space to open the case. If you hear your character grunting and the inventory doesn’t appear, try turning around or moving to a more open area.

Using the Inventory with Limited Space

Each item you pick up takes up one or more inventory slots. Keep this in mind, as your inventory has limited capacity and you cannot pick up more items once it’s full. Here are some tips for managing your inventory:

  • Organize your items by rotating them with the Q and E keys.
  • Combine items where possible, such as ammo with weapons or bullets with boxes.
  • Use the context menu to examine or unload items, and drag items outside the case to drop them.


Press the J key to open your journal, which has four main tabs:

  1. Status – Check your physical and mental health and any status conditions you’ve incurred.
  2. Documents – View all notes and documents you’ve found.
  3. Maps – Browse the maps you’ve found, including the layout of the fishing village’s main building.
  4. Keys – See the keys you’ve collected and where they can be used.


1. What is Gloomwood?

Gloomwood is an upcoming first-person stealth game developed by Dillon Rogers and published by New Blood Interactive. The game is set in a Victorian-era-inspired city filled with supernatural creatures and takes inspiration from games like Thief and System Shock. Players take on the role of a thief who must navigate the city’s dangerous streets and infiltrate various locations to complete their objectives. One of the game’s core mechanics is its inventory and journal system, which allows players to manage their items and keep track of their progress.

2. How does the inventory system work in Gloomwood?

The inventory system in Gloomwood is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Players can access their inventory at any time by pressing a dedicated button, which brings up a screen displaying all of their items. These items can be selected and used by clicking on them or by assigning them to hotkeys for quick access. The inventory screen also displays how much space is left in the player’s inventory, encouraging them to manage their items wisely. Additionally, players can combine certain items to create new tools and weapons, adding an extra layer of depth to the system.

3. What is the purpose of the journal system in Gloomwood?

The journal system in Gloomwood serves as a way for players to keep track of their progress and objectives. It displays a map of the city that updates as the player explores, marking important locations and objectives. The journal also contains notes and clues that the player can refer to when trying to solve puzzles or complete objectives. In addition, the journal tracks the player’s performance, including how many enemies they have killed and how much loot they have collected. This adds a sense of replayability to the game, as players can try to improve their performance and achieve better scores.

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