Gloomwood Walkthrough: Comprehensive List of Documents

If you’re playing Gloomwood, our guide has all the details about the game’s documents. These are hidden collectibles that provide valuable information about the game’s world.

The documents are scattered throughout Gloomwood’s world as secrets. In this guide, we’ve compiled a list of all the documents, organized by the main areas of the game.

Complete List of Documents

  1. Croup’s Fishery Documents – This section lists all the notes and documents found in the fishing village. The majority of them can be found in the main building of Croup’s Fishery.
  2. Coast Caves Documents – This section lists all the notes and documents found in the caves and mines.
  3. Coast Cliffside Documents – This section lists all the notes and documents found on the cliffside and near the lighthouse.

This list was created based on the early access version of the game (0.1.214) and will be updated as more content is released for Gloomwood.



What are Documents in Gloomwood?

Documents are important items that players can collect throughout the game. They contain information about the story, characters, and world of Gloomwood. Some documents provide clues about puzzles or hidden areas, while others are simply there to add depth to the game’s lore.


How do I find Documents in Gloomwood?

Documents can be found in various locations throughout the game, such as desks, cabinets, and lockers. Some documents are hidden in secret areas that require players to solve puzzles or explore hidden passages. Players can also obtain documents by completing quests or talking to NPCs.


What do I do with Documents in Gloomwood?

Players can read documents to learn more about the game’s story and world. Some documents also provide important clues or hints about puzzles or hidden areas. Players can access their collection of documents at any time by selecting the “Documents” option in the game’s menu.


Do Documents have any gameplay benefits in Gloomwood?

While documents do not directly affect gameplay, they can provide players with valuable information that can help them progress through the game. Reading documents can also add depth and immersion to the game’s story and world, making the player feel more invested in the game’s events.


Are there any missable Documents in Gloomwood?

Yes, there are some documents that players can miss if they do not explore thoroughly or complete certain quests. However, players can always go back and find any documents they may have missed by revisiting previously explored areas. It is also possible to replay the game to collect any missed documents.

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