Gotham Knights: Harley Quinn chapter – walkthrough

If you’re playing the Harley Quinn storyline in Gotham Knights, you’ll have to fight the Freaks and prevent chaos in Gotham before facing off against Harley herself.

The Harley Quinn chapter in Gotham Knights is all about fighting Freaks and culminates in a boss fight with Harley. This guide will help you complete the chapter quests and defeat the boss.

  • Harley Returns
  • Disarming the bomb
  • Stopping crimes
  • Dr. Q at Monarch Theater
  • Paging Dr. Q
  • Chaos in General
  • Boss fight – Harley Quinn

Harley Returns

Start Harley Quinn’s side quest series by completing the first chapter, Batman’s Last Case.

Disarming the bomb

In this task, you’ll need to free three civilians who are tied up to explosives and defeat all the Freaks in the area.

The mission isn’t too difficult, but if you’re detected, you’ll only have one minute to disarm all the bombs. It takes almost 5 seconds to defuse one bomb, and if you’re attacked, the process will stop. If you fail, don’t worry, you can try again.

Tip: When the timer starts, every second counts. Try to eliminate enemies quickly while avoiding flashy finisher animations, as they don’t slow down the timer.

Stopping crimes

This quest starts immediately after completing the previous one. It’s a simple fight followed by preventing an attack on an armored vehicle. Once done, head back to Belfry and talk to Alfred to continue.

Dr. Q at Monarch Theater

Basher and Blazer are weak against toxic attacks but resistant to incendiary damage. They attack with fire and shock damage, so choose your equipment accordingly.

In this quest, you’ll face mini-bosses in several battles at a hotel. The first enemy is Basher, so start by dealing with the smaller opponent who you can grab and finish off quickly. To damage a miniboss, you need to get rid of their shield using a charged attack, then perform a quick combo or use the momentum ability.

In the second round, you’ll face Blazer, who has no shield but focuses on attacking. Their weapon has a long attack distance and incendiary effect.

The second fight involves both mini-bosses, numerous Freaks, and bombs. Your first priority should be taking care of the bombs as their explosion will cause the mission to fail.

Paging Dr. Q

To continue the story, complete two activities in the city marked with symbols with an orange frame. You’ll be eliminating Freaks and completing small challenges.

Chaos in General

Start the next task from the computer. This time, you’ll need to stop riots in the city.

To reach the transmitter, go down the street and locate the ice cream car. Use the console to scan the vehicle and switch off the signal. Afterwards, enter the hospital through the rooftop entrance.

Battle against Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is impervious to toxic and incendiary attacks, but she is vulnerable to concussive damage (which she also inflicts on herself).

Harley Quinn is not a tough adversary, but she is remarkably nimble and can evade charge attacks. Therefore, it is advisable to focus on swift and precise regular attacks. It is best to avoid the walls, as the boss might throw an electric scrap at you, which can result in additional bioelectric damage and temporary paralysis.

In the second stage of the fight, her movements will become slightly different, and she will be equipped with an electric hammer that deals additional elemental damage. Moreover, in the first wave, she will summon a group of Freaks, so it’s critical to deal with them first.


What is Gotham Knights: Harley Quinn chapter?

Gotham Knights: Harley Quinn chapter is a DLC (downloadable content) for the game Gotham Knights, which is an action-adventure RPG set in the Batman universe. This particular chapter focuses on Harley Quinn, one of Batman’s most famous villains, and is a separate storyline that can be played independently from the main game. The DLC features new missions, characters, and environments for players to explore, as they take on the role of Harley Quinn and navigate her world of chaos and mayhem.

What can players expect from the Harley Quinn chapter?

Players can expect an immersive experience that takes them deep into the world of Harley Quinn, one of the most iconic characters in the Batman universe. The DLC features new missions, enemies, and environments, as well as a new storyline that allows players to explore the darker side of Gotham City. As they take on the role of Harley Quinn, players will be able to use her unique skills and abilities to wreak havoc and cause chaos throughout the city. Overall, the Harley Quinn chapter is a must-play for fans of the Batman universe, as it provides a fresh perspective on one of the most beloved characters in the franchise.

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