Guide and Walkthrough for Witcher Monster Slayer: Clearing Nemeton

On this page, we will provide information on Nemetons and how to handle them in The Witcher Monster Slayer.

  • Appearance
  • Unlocking
  • Combat
  • Rewards


Nemetons resemble trees with large roots, but no leaves or branches.


Nemetons can be unlocked at level 10. They can be seen on the map, but they are not attackable.


You will have to fight three opponents to clear a Nemeton. Two enemies are at a lower difficulty level (e.g. low or medium) and a boss at a higher difficulty level (hard or medium).

The challenge is to defeat all three opponents in one battle. You are not allowed to change weapons, potions, or oils, nor can you restore your life bar.

We have prepared some tips to help you prepare for the tough fight:

  1. What to do when the enemy is too difficult?
  2. Beginner’s Guide


Defeating a Nemeton will give you experience points and a significant amount of gold coins.


What is Witcher Monster Slayer: Nemeton?

Witcher Monster Slayer: Nemeton is a location in the popular mobile game Witcher Monster Slayer. It is a forested area filled with various monsters that players can battle and defeat to earn rewards. The Nemeton is known for its unique monsters, such as werewolves and ghouls, and also contains hidden treasures that players can discover. Players can access the Nemeton once they reach level 8 in the game and have completed certain quests.

How do I clear the Nemeton in Witcher Monster Slayer?

To clear the Nemeton in Witcher Monster Slayer, players must defeat all the monsters in the area. This includes the regular monsters that spawn randomly, as well as the special monsters that appear periodically. Players can also collect hidden treasures and complete quests in the Nemeton to earn additional rewards. It is recommended that players bring appropriate gear and potions to aid them in battle, as the monsters in the Nemeton can be quite challenging. Once all the monsters are defeated, players can exit the Nemeton and return at any time to battle new monsters and collect more rewards.

What rewards can I earn by clearing the Nemeton in Witcher Monster Slayer?

Players can earn various rewards by clearing the Nemeton in Witcher Monster Slayer. These include experience points, gold, crafting materials, and rare items such as monster trophies and diagrams. The rewards increase in value as players progress deeper into the Nemeton and defeat more challenging monsters. Players can also unlock new quests and achievements by clearing the Nemeton. Overall, clearing the Nemeton is a great way for players to progress in the game and earn valuable rewards.

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