Guide for Beginners in Callisto Protocol

In this guide for Callisto Protocol, new players will find starting tips for the game. These tips include fighting monsters, finding secret locations, managing inventory, upgrading equipment, and regenerating health.

Callisto Protocol is a game where players can easily die or make bad decisions during gameplay. This beginner’s guide provides tips on how to fight opponents, upgrade equipment, heal the hero, obtain credits, and reach secret areas.

  • Choose Normal difficulty for optimal gameplay
  • Correctly dodge in melee combat
  • Do not travel with a full inventory
  • Look for valuable items that can be sold
  • Aim at different body parts of monsters
  • Upgrade the GRP gauntlet for easier enemy takedowns
  • Search for optional areas
  • Destroy cocoons before the emergence of monsters
  • Heal after taking damage

Choose Normal Difficulty for Optimal Gameplay

Callisto Protocol offers three difficulty levels. For the first playthrough, we recommend selecting the Medium Security level. It provides a sufficient level of challenge, especially in large battles and boss fights, yet it does not cause frustration with frequent deaths. Players can change the difficulty level in the game options without restarting the game to beat the more difficult parts.

The Accessibility options provide various settings to simplify the game, such as auto dodge or auto QTE. For more information, refer to the Accessibility page in the appendix.

Correctly Dodge in Melee Combat

Melee combat is common in Callisto Protocol, and players need to flawlessly dodge left or right.

Move the left stick to the side and keep it in this position to move left or right at the same time. Be prepared for the monster’s second attack, requiring players to dodge twice in a row. Players can block in the game, but Jacob will take some damage even if the attack is stopped. Use blocking only when there is no time to dodge. To reduce damage upon blocking, players can purchase the Blocking Protection upgrade. Refer to the Best Gear Upgrades page for more good upgrades.

Do Not Travel with a Full Inventory

Jacob’s inventory is limited, initially offering only six slots for items, not counting weapons. The inventory can quickly become full, preventing players from picking up new items. Here are some universal tips:

  1. Sell unnecessary loot in the Reforges to earn credits and free up inventory space.
  2. Carry only 1 health injector and some ammo to keep at least half of your inventory free.

Inventory management becomes easier with the expansion of inventory slots to 12 at the end of the Habitat chapter. More information on obtaining armor and unlocking new slots can be found on the How to increase inventory? page in the FAQ section.

Sell valuable items for credits

Credits are important for buying upgrades in Callisto Protocol. Valuable items like Energy Converters or Decoders can be sold in the Reforges for large amounts of credits. Valuable loot is often found in large chests or dropped by robots. More information on destroying enemy machines can be found in the How to destroy a security robot? chapter in the FAQ section.

Aim at different body parts to defeat monsters

Cutting off monster limbs is not as crucial in Callisto Protocol as in Dead Space, but it can still be useful. Shooting at legs will cause the monster to crawl, making it an easier target. Aiming at exposed tentacles will prevent transformations into stronger creatures. Cutting off the head won’t necessarily kill the monster, as it can still attack blindly.

Upgrade the GRP gauntlet for easier takedowns

The GRP gauntlet is a powerful gadget that can grab and throw objects and enemies. Upgrading it in the Reforges, especially the Energy Upgrade tree, will increase its maximum limit. Use the gauntlet to throw opponents at spikes or traps, or into abysses to avoid direct confrontations.

Search for optional areas for collectibles and loot

Many locations in the game have secret and optional areas with collectibles, large loot chests, or weapon schematics. It’s worth searching for these areas during gameplay.

  1. Explore climbing areas and ventilation shafts;
  2. Find the boxes that require a gate fuse (an example can be seen in the picture) – you can temporarily provide electricity by taking the fuse from another box and placing it in the one you found, allowing you to open the gate.

Destroy cocoons before the heads emerge

A dangerous enemy in the game is a head connected to a long spine, capable of dealing massive damage to Jacob or even killing him if the QTE is failed.

  1. Try to shoot the cocoons in advance. If attacked after saving, reload the previous save and shoot the cocoon.
  2. If caught, press the button shown on the screen (Triangle/Y on controller). Completing the QTE will save the hero from death but he will still lose some health.

Small monsters in the game can attach themselves to Jacob. Attack them with melee weapons before they jump or press the button repeatedly to throw them off.

Heal after taking damage

The implant on Jacob’s neck shows his health bar – heal him when it turns orange or red, as he will be close to death and can die from a single attack.

You can heal with Health Injectors (carry them in your inventory and keep at least one in stock) and Health Gels (can be dropped by defeated creatures). Check boxes on the walls for injectors.

For more information on healing and permanently extending the health bar, see the How to heal wounds? page in the FAQ section.


What is Callisto Protocol?

Callisto Protocol is an upcoming survival horror game developed by Striking Distance Studios. The game is set in the 25th century on a prison island called Callisto, which is located on one of Jupiter’s moons. The player takes on the role of a prisoner seeking to survive on the island, which is overrun by monsters created by a mysterious virus. The gameplay will involve crafting weapons and tools, solving puzzles, and fighting off the monsters. The game promises to be one of the most terrifying survival horror games to date.

When will Callisto Protocol be released?

Callisto Protocol is set to be released in 2022, although an exact release date has not yet been announced. The game will be available on PC and consoles, including the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. The developers have promised that the game will take full advantage of the next-generation hardware, with stunning visuals and immersive gameplay.

Who is behind the development of Callisto Protocol?

Callisto Protocol is being developed by Striking Distance Studios, a subsidiary of Krafton Game Union. The studio was founded in 2019 by Glen Schofield, who is best known for his work on the Dead Space series. Schofield has assembled a team of experienced developers to work on the game, including many who have worked on successful titles such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, and PUBG. The team is dedicated to creating a game that will be both terrifying and unforgettable.

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