How to Defeat Alaric’s Sanctuary Boss in Lost Ark?

Discover how to successfully complete Alaric’s Sanctuary, the third Abyssal Dungeon of the Tier 2 Gate of Paradise series, in this guide for Lost Ark.

Alaric’s Sanctuary is the third Abyssal Dungeon in the Tier 2 Gate of Paradise series of Lost Ark. This guide will provide you with the boss mechanics and strategies to beat this dungeon. Players need a minimum ilvl of 960 to enter the dungeon.

  • First Boss
  • Second Boss: Alaric
  • Second Encounter with Alaric

First Boss

As before, players are divided into two teams of four to eliminate the smaller monsters and defeat the boss. Each team battles a different boss in the first fight.

The first boss is either a Shark or a Siren, depending on the team. Both bosses have similar mechanics. The boss specializes in “yellow” attacks that reduce most of your oxygen and deal less physical damage.

There is one crucial mechanic named Fatal Melody when the boss has 15 health bars left. The attack is notified twice at the bottom of the screen before it begins. Black orbs and one golden orb will appear in the arena.

The player who destroys the golden orb will be granted a gold round field that will follow them. This field is a safe zone that other players can use to protect themselves from the wipe attack. The marked player should not move and should summon other players. Interacting with the black orbs will limit your vision and that of your allies. Players can look for a marker on the mini-map to locate the safe zone. In the final stage of the fight, the teams merge, and the same mechanics apply in a shared arena.

However, players can now get infected. To remove the debuff, stand on the purple field that appears near the boss.

Second Boss: Alaric

The second boss is not challenging. Players are placed in a circular arena where they must destroy four pillars while attacking the boss. One player will receive a small circle, while the rest will receive a larger circle. The boss will attack the player with the smaller circle, who must position themselves in front of the pillar. It is possible to dodge the attack at the last minute, but many players “sacrifice” themselves to ensure the boss doesn’t destroy one of the pillars (the attack is not drastically strong).

Destroy all four pillars using the same tactic. Meanwhile, the other players must be cautious of each other’s markings because anyone who comes within another player’s circle will take damage (and the circles can touch and overlap).

Alaric – Second Encounter

The third boss fight can be challenging, as proper positioning is crucial for the main mechanics, including the wipe mechanic. Usually, players choose the right positions after the first lost fight or reset the arena before entering it again to set the positions.

The boss uses several area attacks and can petrify players. If someone gets petrified, the player should be attacked to free them. This is essential because if players remain petrified for too long, they may not be able to support anyone or defend themselves against the key mechanics.

The first mechanic occurs when the boss has 28 and 12 health bars, respectively. It involves destroying the golden orbs while ignoring the blue ones. The larger golden orbs with a rim can only be destroyed using the High Stagger skill, but they can also be stopped by slowing them down or paralyzing them. Grenades, such as Sleep Bomb, can also be used. Before destroying the orbs, the boss’s charging attack must be interrupted by performing Stagger attacks until the orange bar at their feet disappears. Otherwise, a wipe will occur.

The main mechanic, which occurs every 90 seconds or so, requires players to line up in the indicated golden fields in the arena, one person per field, to avoid the wipe. Therefore, players must choose their positions before the mechanic starts. The zones shift slightly each time, but players will appear as upward-facing arrows in the arena, with two people per one of the four directions.


1. What is Lost Ark: Alaric’s Sanctuary?

Lost Ark: Alaric’s Sanctuary is a dungeon in the popular MMORPG, Lost Ark. It is a challenging dungeon that requires a skilled team of players to defeat the final boss, Alaric. The dungeon is located in the Southern Continent of Rohendel and is accessible to players who have reached level 50.

2. Who is the final boss of Alaric’s Sanctuary?

The final boss of Alaric’s Sanctuary is Alaric, the Guardian of the Sanctuary. Alaric is a giant stone golem that has multiple phases and attacks. He is a challenging boss that requires a well-coordinated team to defeat. Players need to be aware of his patterns and be prepared to dodge his attacks to succeed.

3. What are some tips for defeating Alaric?

There are several tips that can help players defeat Alaric. Firstly, players need to have a well-balanced team with a tank, healer, and DPS. Secondly, players need to focus on dodging Alaric’s attacks and avoiding his AoE abilities. Thirdly, players need to coordinate their attacks and use their abilities wisely. Lastly, players should make use of the environment and the pillars in the room to block Alaric’s attacks and create distance when needed.

4. What rewards can players expect from defeating Alaric?

Players can expect to receive valuable loot and rewards for defeating Alaric. This includes rare equipment, gems, and gold. Additionally, players can earn achievements and bragging rights for successfully completing one of the most challenging dungeons in Lost Ark.

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