How to Defeat Sea of Indolence Boss in Lost Ark?

In this section of the Lost Ark walkthrough, you will learn how to complete Sea of Indolence, the first Abyssal Dungeon of the Tier 2 level Gate of Paradise series.

Sea of Indolence is the initial Tier 2 Gate of Paradise Abyssal Dungeon in Lost Ark. This guide will help you understand the boss fights mechanics and how to complete this dungeon. To enter the dungeon, you must have 960 ilvl.

  • Introduction
  • Deep Sea Orboros
  • Oxygen
  • Indolesence Sentinel Akam


This is one of the simplest Abyssal Dungeons. There are 8 participants divided into two teams of 4 players. Pay attention to where the game is directing you – the teams perform different tasks, which means their positions vary when moving to further areas. In addition, you are equipped with special suits. You won’t be able to use your abilities – only those that are assigned to the suit. It is worth getting familiar with them before fighting the first boss.

Deep Sea Orboros

The first boss is Deep Sea Orboros. The fight shouldn’t pose much of a challenge for you, especially since at this point, the teams are merging, so there are eight of you fighting the boss. However, pay attention to a minor boss – the shark. It is recommended to eliminate it first because removing it will allow the whole team to gain buffs. Also, the mini-boss is vulnerable to most debuffs, so using grenades will speed up its elimination. You can even stun it. Your strongest attacks are Burst Hellfire and Final Verdict, with cooldowns being pretty low.


After defeating the first boss, a new indicator appears above the players’ heads pointing to their oxygen level. You need to regenerate it to avoid taking a lot of damage or even dying. You can use algae or air holes for regeneration (also marked on the mini-map). Note that consuming algae restores all your oxygen, but removes the plant from the area. The air holes regenerate slowly, but they never run out of air and can be used by several players at once. This mechanism will also work during the next boss fight. The attacks marked yellow will deplete not so much your health as your oxygen.

Indolesence Sentinel Akam

The second boss, Indolesence Sentinel Akam, is fought without suits. The boss’s attacks marked yellow cause a drastic loss of oxygen. You will find several points in the arena where you can regenerate.

Some special boss attacks can petrify your allies – these attacks are indicated by the blue color. Attack the petrified allies to free them before they take damage from the next special attack performed by the boss. Again, you fight the boss as a team of 8 people, which makes it much easier to win. However, the enemy has a lot of area attacks, so it’s important to stay on the move while fighting them.

The boss possesses a unique area attack called Annihilation, which covers the entire arena except for one safe zone located near them. This attack takes a few minutes to prepare and it’s advisable to inform fellow players about the location of the safe zone. Although this attack does not guarantee a full wipe, players who are outside the safe zone risk taking significant damage and may even get petrified. The attack is repeated approximately every 30 seconds.


1. What is Lost Ark: Sea of Indolence?

Lost Ark: Sea of Indolence is one of the many dungeons in the game Lost Ark. It is a challenging dungeon where players have to face various bosses and their minions. The dungeon is located in the sea, and players need to have a ship to access it. The final boss of the dungeon is a powerful sea monster that requires a well-coordinated team to defeat.

2. What are the recommended strategies for beating the final boss?

To beat the final boss in Lost Ark: Sea of Indolence, players need to have a well-coordinated team with good communication. The boss has several different attacks, including a powerful water beam that can knock players back. Players need to dodge these attacks and make sure they stay close to the boss to deal damage. The boss also has minions that players need to take care of to avoid being overwhelmed.

One recommended strategy is to have a tank keep the boss distracted while the rest of the team focuses on dealing damage. Players should also make sure to keep their health and mana levels high by using potions and other healing items. Communication is key, and players should coordinate their attacks and movements to avoid being hit by the boss’s powerful attacks.

3. What rewards can players expect from completing Lost Ark: Sea of Indolence?

Completing Lost Ark: Sea of Indolence can give players a variety of rewards, including rare equipment and items. The final boss of the dungeon has a chance to drop powerful weapons and other valuable items. Players can also earn experience points and gold by completing the dungeon and defeating the bosses. Additionally, players can earn achievements for completing the dungeon and can use these achievements to unlock other rewards.

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