How to Defeat the Boss in Lost Ark’s Hall of the Twisted Warlord

If you’re looking for tips on how to complete Lost Ark’s Hall of the Twisted Warlord, the first Abyssal Dungeon of the Tier 1 Phantom Palace series, you’ve come to the right place!

As the first Tier 1 Phantom palace Abyssal Dungeon in Lost Ark, the Hall of the Twisted Warlord requires a minimum item level of 460 to enter. On this page, we’ll cover the mechanics of the boss fights and provide guidance on how to successfully complete this dungeon.

  • Phantom Legion Bishop
  • Phantom Legion King

Phantom Legion Bishop

The first boss fight in the Hall of the Twisted Warlord is a battle against two opponents: Phantom Legion Bishop and Phantom Legion Rook. Your objective is to defeat both of them simultaneously. Their attacks are mostly easy to dodge and include striking orbs and shock waves, with Rook using melee attacks.

When Bishop takes a significant amount of damage, the first mechanic of the fight begins. A field will appear around each player that pushes them back and inflicts damage on other players. Additionally, a crosshair will appear above each player’s head. After a few moments, the targets will disappear, leaving only one over one person. Here’s what to do:

  1. Other players should move away from the center of the arena to avoid interfering;
  2. The player marked by the crosshair should position themselves behind Bishop in the middle;
  3. At the same time, Rook will be heading to one of the corners of the arena. The marked player must position themselves so that Rook’s attack interrupts Bishop’s attack.
  4. This mechanic will resume when Bishop has about 6 health bars. However, you must first destroy the towers around the boss to prevent Rook from attacking.

While the fight is not difficult, the success of the group largely depends on the marked player’s performance. It’s possible to complete the fight even if someone dies, but if Bishop’s attack is not stopped, it will result in a wipe and the death of all players.

After these initial mechanics, the rest of the fight proceeds similarly to the beginning. The key is to focus on weakening both bosses at the same time. If one of them dies, the remaining boss will receive a significant reinforcement, making it a tough task to defeat. It doesn’t matter which boss dies first.

Phantom Legion King

The second boss fight is one of the toughest challenges of the initial Abyssal Dungeons, especially if communication is flawed. It is impossible to complete this stage without players familiar with the mechanics and willing to cooperate. Phantom Legion King is a dynamic boss with numerous area attacks, including two high-impact zones that rotate. Use Stagger attacks to interrupt the following attack sequences.

During the second and sixth health bar of the boss, a special attack will be triggered where he teleports to the center of the arena and releases four Illusion Swords. If touched, the Phantom Curse status will be inflicted for two seconds, making the boss vulnerable to attacks. The swords follow the players and wiping of players will occur if time runs out or a player collects two swords at once. To successfully complete this stage, players should form a cross shape and collect the swords in a set order determined by either team number or Stagger attacks. It is important to observe the small icon above the mana bar to know when the curse ends and collect the sword immediately. If a hero is slow or lacks High Stagger attacks, grenades like Whirlwind or Clay can be used.


1. What is the Hall of the Twisted Warlord?

The Hall of the Twisted Warlord is a dungeon in the game Lost Ark. It is located in the northern part of the continent of Rohendel. The dungeon consists of several levels, and the final boss is the Twisted Warlord himself. The dungeon is available for players with a level of 50 or higher, and it can be completed solo or with a group of up to four players.

2. What are the tactics for defeating the Twisted Warlord?

The Twisted Warlord is a formidable opponent, and defeating him requires careful planning and execution. One of the most important things to keep in mind is to stay out of the boss’s line of sight, as he has several powerful ranged attacks that can deal significant damage. Another key tactic is to focus on the boss’s weak points, which are located on his back and sides. These weak points are vulnerable to damage, and attacking them can quickly wear down the boss’s health.

3. What are some recommended character classes for fighting the Twisted Warlord?

There are several character classes that are well-suited for fighting the Twisted Warlord. One of the most popular is the Berserker, which is a melee class that can deal massive damage to the boss’s weak points. Another good choice is the Summoner, which can summon powerful creatures to help distract the boss and deal additional damage. The Warlord class is also a strong choice, as it has a wide range of abilities that can help control the battlefield and keep the boss at bay.

4. What are some common mistakes that players make when fighting the Twisted Warlord?

One common mistake that players make when fighting the Twisted Warlord is to focus too much on dealing damage and not enough on avoiding the boss’s attacks. This can quickly lead to the player’s death, as the boss has several powerful attacks that can deal massive damage. Another mistake is to ignore the boss’s weak points, as attacking them is crucial for quickly wearing down the boss’s health. Finally, players should be careful not to get too close to the boss, as this can trigger some of his most devastating attacks.

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