How to Earn Virtue Points in Like a Dragon Ishin?

This guide provides information on how to earn Virtue points, which is the name for reputation points in Like a Dragon Ishin. We explain how to unlock the reputation mechanics, what activities can help you accumulate Virtue, where to spend your points, and how to improve the growth of your Virtue points.

At the beginning of Chapter 2, after reaching Kyo, you will be introduced to the Virtue mechanic by a Shinto Priest in Fushimi. He will tell you about the reward for good deeds, which is Virtue Points. Virtue Points are rewarded for almost all activities and actions performed in the game, with some of them providing a one-time point bonus.

  • Reputation mechanic unlocked
  • Diligence Records
  • Completing Substories
  • Items that add Virtue
  • Spending Virtue
  • Ways of gaining Virtue faster

Reputation Mechanic Unlocked

After reaching Kyo, Ryoma will help the Shinto Priest in Fushimi. This will introduce you to the Virtue mechanic for the first time. Virtue Points are rewarded for almost all activities and actions performed in the game, with some of them providing a one-time point bonus.

Diligence Records

Upon unlocking the Diligence Records, which are small challenges, you can complete various categories such as exploration, playing mini-games, taking part in activities, or combat. You can keep track of your progress through the associated menu. Completing challenges can even net you up to a few thousand Virtue points.

Completing Substories

There are over 70 Substories in the game and completing each one guarantees a major inflow of Virtue.

Items that Add Virtue

There are items like Spirit Sake that can increase Virtue. Using these items grants you a certain amount of Virtue points.

Spending Virtue

All accumulated Virtue can be spent at Shrines, which can be found in various locations. After interacting with the Shrine, select the option to exchange reputation points for rewards.

Ways of Gaining Virtue Faster

Initially, you should spend all your accumulated points on Virtue Cultivation skills, which increase the Virtue gain. This means that you can get more points for the same action.

By purchasing the last upgrade for Virtue Cultivation Maximum Level, you can unlock a bonus that allows you to earn 50% more Virtue. Additionally, you can craft a Virtuous Hood at Kurosane Smithing to increase your Virtue growth later in the game. To create the Virtuous Hood, you will need a White Headband and crafting materials such as Aquamarine, Beast’s Tail, and Fine Skill Fabric. Aquamarine can be found in some Battle Dungeons or purchased from the arena shop in Mukurogai for 8,000 Arena Points. Equipping the hood provides a 30% increase in Virtue Points, and it also features a free slot for a second Seal that you can add yourself.


1. What are Virtue Points in Like a Dragon Ishin?

Virtue Points are an important currency in Like a Dragon Ishin that can be earned by performing good deeds throughout the game. These points can be used to unlock new abilities and upgrades that will help you progress through the game.

2. How can I earn Virtue Points?

There are several ways to earn Virtue Points in Like a Dragon Ishin. You can complete side missions and quests, help civilians in need, donate to charity, and even participate in mini-games and activities around town. Make sure to keep an eye out for opportunities to do good and earn Virtue Points!

3. Are there any tricks to earning Virtue Points quickly?

While there are no shortcuts to earning Virtue Points in Like a Dragon Ishin, there are some tips to help you earn them more efficiently. Try to prioritize side missions and quests that offer Virtue Points as a reward, and make sure to help civilians whenever you see someone in need. You can also donate to charity regularly to earn a steady stream of Virtue Points.

4. What should I spend my Virtue Points on?

There are many different upgrades and abilities that can be unlocked with Virtue Points in Like a Dragon Ishin, so it’s important to choose wisely. Consider your play style and the challenges you’re facing in the game, and choose upgrades that will help you overcome those obstacles. Some popular choices include increased health and stamina, new combat abilities, and improved weapons and gear.

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