How to Find Mission Objectives in The Ascent?

While playing The Ascent, you will be assigned many missions, and most of them will require you to reach different locations on the map. Therefore, it is essential to know how to find the path to your mission objectives easily.

Locating Your Mission Objective

You can enable a line in the game that will show you the remaining distance to your objective, and it will also direct you towards the mission’s path by showing a red line. You need to follow this line to reach your objective. You can activate this feature using the following buttons:


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Furthermore, you can also use fast travel to reach your mission objective. The game provides transportation through metro and taxi, and you can read more about it in the fast travel section.


1. What are mission objectives in The Ascent?

Mission objectives are the tasks that the player needs to complete in order to progress through the game. These objectives can range from defeating a boss, retrieving an item, or escorting a character to safety. Completing these objectives will reward the player with experience points and possibly new weapons or equipment.

2. How do I find mission objectives in The Ascent?

Mission objectives can be found by checking the player’s quest log. This can be accessed by opening the game menu and selecting the quest tab. The objectives will be listed here along with any relevant information, such as the location of the objective or the enemies that need to be defeated.

3. Can I have multiple mission objectives at once?

Yes, the player can have multiple mission objectives at once. These objectives can be from the main story or from side quests. The quest log will list all of the current objectives and the player can choose which one to focus on. Completing side quests can also provide useful rewards and can help with leveling up and progressing through the game.

4. What happens if I fail a mission objective?

If the player fails a mission objective, they will need to restart the objective from the beginning. This can be frustrating, especially if the objective is difficult or time-consuming. However, the player can learn from their mistakes and try again. If the player is struggling with a particular objective, they can also try completing other objectives first to gain experience and better equipment.

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