How to Track Resources in New World?

This page of the New World guide will teach you how to effectively track resources such as iron and other crafting materials. Finding resources can be challenging due to the sheer amount required for crafting. Therefore, it is essential to know how to track resources in the game.

To track resources, you need to develop a specific Trade Skill. For instance, upgrading your Harvesting skill to level 25 unlocks herb icons on the compass. Check the Trade Skills tab to determine which level of the skill unlocks resource tracking.

Active use of the Trade Skill is necessary to level it up. Collect all herbs and plants you find to unlock herb icons on your compass. Use your pickaxe to mine rocks and extract all ores you see to track iron ores on the compass.


Tracking resources is an essential skill in New World. By upgrading your Trade Skill and actively using it, you can find the resources you need for crafting efficiently. Follow the tips mentioned above to track resources effectively.


What are the most valuable resources in the new world?

In the new world, resources are abundant and diverse. Among the most valuable resources are precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum, as well as precious stones like diamonds. In addition, natural resources like timber, oil, and minerals are highly sought after. Other important resources include fresh water, fertile land, and livestock. With the development of new technologies, renewable energy sources like wind and solar power are also becoming increasingly valuable.

How can I track the availability of resources in the new world?

There are several ways to track the availability of resources in the new world. One way is to monitor the commodities markets, which provide up-to-date information on the prices of various resources. Another approach is to keep an eye on the news, as changes in geopolitical events can affect the availability of certain resources. Additionally, monitoring the activities of large corporations that specialize in resource extraction can provide insights into the availability of specific resources. Finally, some organizations offer online databases that track the availability of resources in different regions of the new world. By staying informed about the availability of resources, individuals and businesses can make better decisions about investing in and utilizing these valuable assets.

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